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Sealed with her final death of kiss against my lips one last time before she passed away

The doves has cried every day since you beyond gone but nothing can ever bring you back to me and that one day I’ll see you again up above



My ex-wifes song she loved as a child but now all I can do is share what and who she was and what she liked before chiari took her away from us all well we miss you and still love you and we shall meet again at Jordan’s River so we see you then my once beloved ex-wife and I’ve been posting some of my late wife’s work but not a whole lot because I can’t bring myself to share it with people today because that’s something that was special to my ex-wife and now me because she’s ni longer with us


He Tried To Destroy Her

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{He Tried To Destroy Her}


He tried to destroy her by his sneaky little secrets and little lies that he kept hidden deep down until that dark day she found out about all of his hidden dark secrets that’s when her world came unglued


because she gave her all to this man and then return only thing she ever got was just his lies and dishonesty and secrets and his cheating ways that tried to destroy her in the end making it so hard for any other man to love her because of the damage that he had done to her by his sneaking little lies and secrets


and she picked her self back up and she moved on without this man and now she’s happier than she has been in her entire life because she has found her true love that is so rare and hard to come by so he just thought he destroyed her but he didn’t and he only made her stronger and made her realize not to fall for any man’s lies or secrets anymore as she headed for the door to walk out the relationship after she found out about his dishonest little dark dirty secrets that he kept hidden so well cause now he can kiss that ass and go to hell the because he can never fill the man shoes that she’s with now and he doesn’t compare nothing to this man as she forever closed that hurtful chapter of her life when she said her final good~bye to him because now she has a man who loves her for her and treats her like his queen



©Tina Glover All Rights Reserved/ One_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer March 22,2018 but posting here on April 15,2018 and Originally Written on Write Out loud!