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The movement is here



Long hair is sexy on a native american man


Mrs. Broken


(Mrs. Broken)


I always ask myself what the hell is wrong with me and maybe I am a hopeless nobody with an attitude of a bitch because everyone has done me wrong has made me feel like I am broken woman deep inside and outside and even the ones I love has done me wrong and no one understands my fucking pain and now the shit I’ve done I cannot forgive myself for what a blow below the belt knocking the air out of my body like bam-bam what a deathly blow fucking my life up as I grow fucking cold like an evil demon rotting in my soulless body and fucking brain until I am gone because Mrs. Broken lives here now as I watch this world pass away like night and day as my fire grows like the lying prisoner banging on my front door and as I’ve always been loyal to your ass what a fucking shame and go ahead Mrs.Broken will take all the blame while I am laughing at your dumbfounded asses because I will conquer and destroy your ass right front of your family with a big smile on my face because this (A) game you cannot win against Mrs. Broken I will be your final destroyer while your ass is riding that one-seater bus you mentally retarded fool you and now fuck you for breaking my heart because now you have an enemy of state I will not hesitate to euthanize you as I’ll be rocking your dome like that busted up metal chrome beyond your face because this Mrs. Broken Country Queen always wins the fight day or night


©T.L.G. All Rights Reserved 1/01/2019

New Years Eve Jams


Some jams for new years eve and we are having a wild kick butt party at my house rocking into the new of 2019



Jamming out


Ahh pitbull oooh poppie 😍😘😍😘


Love me some C-Mob 😍


Rocking song

Broken ain’t we all lol 😍


Happy New Year to you all and stay safe out there from my family to yalls!!!





Music Videos

Sealed with her final death of kiss against my lips one last time before she passed away

The doves has cried every day since you beyond gone but nothing can ever bring you back to me and that one day I’ll see you again up above



My ex-wifes song she loved as a child but now all I can do is share what and who she was and what she liked before chiari took her away from us all well we miss you and still love you and we shall meet again at Jordan’s River so we see you then my once beloved ex-wife and I’ve been posting some of my late wife’s work but not a whole lot because I can’t bring myself to share it with people today because that’s something that was special to my ex-wife and now me because she’s ni longer with us