I Fight These Tears


By:Tina Glover

       “I Fight These Tears”

I fight these tears back from my eye’s as the build up and run down my cheeks

As I try to hide my pain with slapping a smile on my face but the pain’s won’t be buried beneath me now

As this will be the death of me

And many people has asked do I fear death no I don’t I only fear leaving my husband and children behind in this cold evil world

As my tears builds up like old troubled waters

As I pray that these tears will fade away into the darkness of my living hell that has been handed to me long before I had any knowledge of it

I can personally say fuck you chiari

As you won’t leave me or my head or body and as you’ve invaded it like a dying plague

As I fight you and my tears and pain’s that spanking or whipping ass daily

But this southern charm ain’t leaving this world without a hell of a fight for my own life

As one day it will the one fading away from this world without any thoughts or cares


#writing #life #love #poetry #sadness #hurt #you #pain #mylife


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