Don’t Fall For A Writer


By:Tina Glover

     “Don’t Fall For A Writer”

If you should fall for a writer they will write you a fairytale story for you both

That’s filled with dreams and love and hope of a life together

But if you do find yourself falling for a writer you will always will be written about and never forgotten

Because that’s how my husband got to me was his writing and expressing a life for us as when we was younger teen’s and now he doesn’t write much and now I do

And as I am his writer that keeps us both falling in love with each words and each other’s sentence and each other’s line that I write now

Well to my old writer that took my heart away so long ago now with your poetic word’s well let express mine for you

You are my reason for living and you are a man that makes me whole and I love you with every beat of my heart and I loved you as young girl and I still love you today after all these year’s and nothing can change that for me or you

You are my eternity

You are what’s real for me

You are my husband and my lover and my best friend

I will love you for the rest of my life and it’s that simple for me baby

Β©Tina Glover All Rights Reserved

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Published by: unknownperson79/SleepingAngels2010

I am me and the best person I can be and also I love to write poetry and have published a book...But most importantly I am chiarian with a rare brain disease called Arnold Chiari Malformation Disease and it has no cure as of yet for more information on chiari visit link I'm providing you ( and each day is a struggle and battle with my chiari malformation disease but someone who has the guidance of God I will make it through to another day and another tomorrow and just remember that God loves you to and regardless be happy being you and don't change yourself for no one because you cannot please everyone so don't die trying to... And I love to write and share my works with y'all but sometimes my brain becomes confused and I make some mistakes but I surely will correct them and have a blessed day...

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4 thoughts on “Don’t Fall For A Writer”

    1. Thank-you Brittanyjourney, yes it’s very much true and memories like this can be so beautiful and touching and I understand you had some of your own as well…

      Bless you for wishing me and my husband many blessed and happy year’s together..
      That’s kind of you and may your journey be happy, blessed… πŸ˜ƒ


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