Life Of A Soldier 

By:Tina Glover

“Life Of A Soldier”

A life of a soldier it’s

rough and tough most of 

it because we see death in 

front of our own faces and 

yes it can be horrific to be a 

witness to and then yes our 

buddies are standing besides 

us they get hurt,killed or 

blown away like the never 

ending dust 

and then we have normal

civilians that comes into 

play as we may put them 

down not wanting to do it 

but we have to because it’s 

your life or mine and I’m not 

willing to lose mine because

of you and yes we put on 

our gear and mount on up 

head on to do our daily

duties as we scope out 

our surroundings to see if 

the damage left behind 

over night was by our 


as we take a deep breath into

our lung’s as the dust and 

smoke fills our lung’s as 

we have to push on through

it and our convoy gets hit 

as I am a witness to my brother

and sister dying in front of 

my face because our convoys

was trying to make this place 

better and trying to bring 

them peace and trying to 

make them feel whole again

and a lot safer and as we may 

get hit by flying missiles and 

hot gun fire from our enemies 

and as the gun fire and booming 

out around us and as it rings 

throughout our head’s as 

we may close our eye’s wishing

this was only a dream and to see

if the bullets has stopped flying 

past our head’s and one maybe 

be hit and one maybe killed but 

this is our sacrifice that we give

to our homeland and our people

for continuing to have our 

freedom and one more day 

one more night till I was 

wishing I was home and one

more day at a time till I’ll be

back home to you and one 

more time to have leave

to see your face and I’ll be with 

you soon 

© Tina Glover All Rights Reserved

August 10,2016 

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Published by: unknownperson79/SleepingAngels2010

I am me and the best person I can be and also I love to write poetry and have published a book...But most importantly I am chiarian with a rare brain disease called Arnold Chiari Malformation Disease and it has no cure as of yet for more information on chiari visit link I'm providing you ( and each day is a struggle and battle with my chiari malformation disease but someone who has the guidance of God I will make it through to another day and another tomorrow and just remember that God loves you to and regardless be happy being you and don't change yourself for no one because you cannot please everyone so don't die trying to... And I love to write and share my works with y'all but sometimes my brain becomes confused and I make some mistakes but I surely will correct them and have a blessed day...

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