Me I Am Pain 

By:Tina Glover 

“Me I Am Pain”

I am pain that cannot 

refrain from my brain 

disease these pain’s that

lives inside my poor 

hurting, aching body 

and it’s all because of a 

‘Rare Brain Disease’ 

called ‘Chiari’ and as 

we hope and pray for a 

cure but how many 

more of my chiari 

brother’s and sister’s 

have to die unexpectedly

before they’ll find us one? 

Because our lives are 

purely hell and we get 

judged and missed 

used by people that 

doesn’t even know 

what our disease actually 

or really is and if you 

want to know just ask 

us and we’ll be happy 

to tell you the facts 

about it and yes we 

may not look sick on 

the outside but we are

in fact sick on the inside….

(Remember That The Whole Month of September Is Awareness For Arnold-Chiari Malformation Disease)-(Remember the chiari walk- across-America is September 17,2016 across America y’all and please support a loved one with the disease or sponsore someone with the disease or walk for a friend, member of your family or loved one)-(Because the severity of this disease has to have awareness because there’s too many of my chiari brother’s and sister’s big and small dying unexpectedly due to chiari or related issues or related other chorionic disease that is related to chiari malformation disease or Arnold Chiari Malformation Disease.)

(Cure Chiari Malformation Disease)-(CM)-(EDS)

©Tina Glover All Rights Reserved 

August 13,2016

#writing #poem #cure #chiari #awareness 


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