September Is Kick Off Month To Chiari Malformation Disease Awareness 

Chiari Malformation Disease #1 Awareness

This is type 1 chiari malformation disease and September kick’s off the month for awareness for all chiarians to help spread awareness like a wildfire… 

Chiari Malformation Disease Type 1 As You Can See This Isn’t Shaped Like A Normal Person Skull And Neck Now Is It Nope?? 

As you can see the cerebellar tonsils and spinal cord and foramen magnum is misshapen…

People don’t understand how important it’s to bring awareness to this disease because it also has other chorionic issues that is related to chiari and yes many chiarians are dying unexpectedly due cause’s related to chiari or by suicide because the pain’s becomes to unbearable to with stand…

Chiari Malformation Disease Type 2 In A Fetal Position Inside The Mother’s Womb

As you see the misshapen of the skull of this unborn child…

Chiari Malformation Disease Awareness As You Can See The CSF Flows Through The Skull As They Are Highlighted

As the area’s are highlighted so you can see clearly this is a person with chiari malformation disease…

Chiari Malformation Disease Type 3 As You Move Up From A Type 1 The Affects Are More Worse On A Chiarian

This is an type 3 skull of person that does have chiari malformation disease…

Chiari Malformation Disease Type 3 As You Can See The This Isn’t A Normal Person Brain

As you can see the sack at the end of the skull and extra tissue that does extended through the lower portions of the skull…

Chiari Malformation Disease Types 1,2,3,4

As you can see a big difference between them all…

Chiari Malformation Disease Awareness And Yes This Explains Chiari Malformation Disease Down To A T

Meet A Chiarian Sister Sarah Who Lost Her Battle With Chiari In 2016

My chiarian sister fly’s freely amongst the Angel’s today you will be missed but never forgotten…

Cure Chiari Tina Glover Any Day Now Doc’s That Would Be Awful Nice❣❣

Well that is me (Tina Glover) and yes I’m even a chiarian myself and September is awareness month please support a friend or loved one who has this horrible disease thank you and may God bless y’all and all my other chiarians as well amen❣❣❣

Because in 2009 my neurologist told me and my husband that there was no more could be done for my chiari so he handed me a death sentence that morning early and I’m still here thank God and I have a Purpose in life still yet and my journey isn’t over yet as I do promise you chiari I will die trying to conquer you if it’s the last thing I do on this evil world❣❣❣ But I’ve several neurologist tell me they can fix me and some tell me they cannot do any more so I’m stuck in this life of living hell always in limbo on weather if they can save me or of their gonna let me die a horrible death from chiari malformation disease oh lord…

Awareness For Chiari Malformation Disease And Yes The Pain’s Never Goes Away We Have To Learn To Deal With Them Due To Chiari Malformation Disease

Meet Emma My Little Chiarian Sister Who Lost Her Battle With Chiari in 2016 

😇:'(Emma Little Chiarian Warrior:'(😇

Emma was a beautiful warrior princess who lost her battle to soon and there’s not a day goes by she doesn’t fly freely in Heaven With all the chiari Angel’s rest in peace Emma you shall live on through us maybe one day we will find a cure for chiarians…

September Is Awareness Month For Chiarians

Meet Another Face Of Chiari Malformation Disease Ryan McGee He Was Only 20 Year’s Old When Lost His Battle With Chiari Malformation Disease

😇:'(Ryan McGee Gone But Not Forgotten:'(😇

Ryan McGee my chiarian brother will never be forgotten and fly freely amongst the Angel’s and your finally at peace now no more sickness no more pain’s and you shall be missed… and just maybe if we had a cure for chiarians Ryan would possibly still be here with us today❣❣

Awareness For Chiari Malformation Disease And Yes You Might See Me Struggle But You Will Never See Give Or Quit

We won’t give up until we have a cure for the one’s that carries this horrible burden we have been handed by God…

Awareness For Chiarians Like Myself

As we try to keep our balance from falling but some day’s we can’t help it I guess some day’s we need a lot of bubble wrap so it will protect us from bodily injury’s…

Meet Destiny Another Chiari Malformation Disease Angel Who Lost Her Battle With Chiari Malformation Disease In 2016 Rest In Peace Little Warrior Princess

😇:'(Destiny My Chiarian Little Sister:'(😇

See this is Destiny she lost her battle with chiari malformation disease in 2016 and she will live on through us as we keep her memory alive and rest in peace little warrior princess and you shall never be forgotten…

If we only had a cure just maybe Destiny would be here with us all today….

September Is Awareness Month For Chiari Malformation Disease

Awareness for chiarians…

We Always Keep Holding On For A Cure

We will conquer you and Nip it in the bud and even if it take’s our last breaths to do so…

Pain Is Always A Big Teacher For Us Chiarians 

The never ending headaches chiari bring’s even a regular headache on top of it too…

This Describes Me 100% And I Am A Tough Cookie
Yes I am tough like my other chiari brother’s and sister’s Amen…
Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Is Chronic Related Issue To Chiari Malformation Disease
Chiari Malformation Disease Awareness And Yes It Is To Have The Strength To Push On Daily

Awareness For Chiari Malformation Disease We Have Survived So Much With Battling Chiari Malformation Disease Daily In Our Lives People Just Don’t Understand That We Have
Awareness That The Month Of September Is Chiari Malformation Disease Month
Awareness For Chiari Malformation Disease And Yes We Stand Up So Many Time’s But We Continue To Get Back Up Again
Elders Delano’s Syndrome The Never Ending Sickness With It

Chiari Malformation Disease Awareness All The Pain That Never Ends Oh Lord Help Us Amen

Having chiari malformation disease it change your life in a blink of an eye without any knowledge it’s about to make your day or night a living hell…

Elders Delano’s Syndrome This Comes Along With Chiari Malformation Disease And Awareness For Chiari And Elders Delano’s Syndrome Too

Awareness for Elders Delano’s Syndrome because it comes along with chiari malformation disease….

 Chiarians Pain And We Don’t Quit On Trying To Defeat Chiari That’s Not In Vocabulary

We will not let chiari over take us oh no way we have a right to live pain free dang it!! 

Chiari Malformation Disease Awareness And We Have Always Got Extra Spoon’s For All

We always have extra spoons for the chiari malformation disease brother’s and sister’s big or small and we are always here to love you and support your through this rough fight against chiari… and you are never alone… 

All The Never Ending Pain’s With Chiari Malformation Disease Oh Lord Help Us Amen

Chiari makes us feel like we have a chip board inside of our skulls making it hard to think clearly or anything…. 

Chiari Malformation Disease Awareness And Yes We Have Been Through So Much Pain And Sickness But We Still Are Standing Strong Enough To Keep On Battling It Daily

So make yourself aware about chiari malformation disease thank you❣❣❣

The Truth About Chiari Malformation Disease

Yes most people hear and understand what they want to about you when they’re not the one’s freaking living it… So we can say honestly stick where the sun don’t shine by gosh… 

Chiari Malformation Disease Awareness 

See this is very important to research on this rare disease because over the summer vacation their was a young boy age 13 that woke up and was numb on left side of his body and was Paralyzed partially and went from partially to fully and he is starting to move his big toes and hand’s and now he is recovering from it and when the doctor’s came back told him and his family it was a rare brain disease that has hit him like this they was wondering what chiari malformation disease exactly was because they never had heard of it before then.. 

Prayers for you my little chiari brother❣❣

Warrior Son Supporting Chiarians Yay!!

One day chiari we stomp you on out completely… 

I am sorry I should’ve posts this few day’s ago but I haven’t been feeling to well because of chiari and etc…  

Chiari Cream Challenge Any Takers?

I know I’m about five day’s late on posting this but better late than never as I always say❣❣❣

So yes I am beginning to sound like a pastor harping on this subject again and again but I have to and just maybe it draw awareness to this rare disease… Because to many chiarians are dying unexpectedly and doctor’s are completely dumbfounded on it why is this?…

Well this chiarian which is me hope’s they find us all cure any day now because our lives are hell to live oh lord knows it is…

©Tina Glover All Rights Reserved 
September 5,2016

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I am me and the best person I can be and also I love to write poetry and have published a book...But most importantly I am chiarian with a rare brain disease called Arnold Chiari Malformation Disease and it has no cure as of yet for more information on chiari visit link I'm providing you ( and each day is a struggle and battle with my chiari malformation disease but someone who has the guidance of God I will make it through to another day and another tomorrow and just remember that God loves you to and regardless be happy being you and don't change yourself for no one because you cannot please everyone so don't die trying to... And I love to write and share my works with y'all but sometimes my brain becomes confused and I make some mistakes but I surely will correct them and have a blessed day...

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