By:Tina Glover/Unknownperson79


Day’s goes by 

still nothing 

seems to 

change as 

I fight to 

keep what 

piece of mind 

I have left in 

me because my 

sickness is 

definitely and 


draining the life 

straight away of 

me and as the 

day’s fly by me 

taking my 

health my 

memory straight 

away from me 

and as I feel like 

I will one day I 

will parish 

without a thought, 

a care in 

anyone’s world 

and it feel’s like 

I am completely 

losing me and 

the real me 

thank’s to my 

sickness that 

want never flee 

from me and I 

wish someone 

would save me 

God Bless All 

Chiarians Like 

Me This One 

Hell Of A Fight 

And Struggle To

Live Daily Only 

We Know The 

Pain And No 

One Doesn’t 

Understand It 

They Just Think 

We Are Nut’s 

Saying We Hurt 

So Much And 

Stay Sick So Much 

And To Those 

People Until You 

Take A Walk In 

My Or Our Shoe’s 

You Have No 

Earthly Clue What 

Life Is Like For Us❣❣❣ 

Because Trust 

Me It’s A Living 

Hell To Live 

Daily Basis And 

As We Wish For 

Death To Take 

Our Lives 

Because The 

Damn Pain 

And The Sickness

And Constant 


Is Unbearable 

To Think Of And

Even Live Yes I  

Am Like A Broken 

Record On

Chiari Malformation 

Disease Awareness 

But It’s Not You 

That Has Been 

Handed A Dang 

Death Sentence In 

2009 And Knowing 

This Make’s Life 

A Load Of Bull 

Shit Because 

Doctor’s Can’t 

Cure Us But 

They Want To 

Push Medicines 

Down Your 

Throat And 

Making Us Their 

Damn Personal 

Lab Rat’s That 

They Like Fucking 

Up Their Life Daily…

Yes it feel’s good to 

Vent finally but now 

It’s written out into my 

Own word’s sorry 

Y’all but this my everyday 

Life I have to live…

©Tina Glover All Rights Reserved 

October 2,2016 but posting here October 3,2016

#writing #short-poem #poem #sickness #life #cure-me #and #save-me 


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