Prisonerz file federal lawsuit to end prison slavery in Texas

Well ain’t this a deal or something see yes I don’t believe slavery is still going today but you if you are another race or color might consider this still happening in our world and society today but if I should have to go back down memory lane again I do believe that my native ancestors they were here before hand and the native American Indian’s was here first off until the white English men came to the New found land or new world soon to be called America and also the English men bought black slaves off a passing Spanish ship that had many black slaves for sell so we cannot blame no one but the white English men who brought this slavery crap upon my ancestors and their land so all humanity would continue to suffer today with all kinds of racist bull crap and saying such mess as this link here and you bash on me but damn it I am so sick of the racist post or word’s within this nation and the slandering slurs against one race to another because last time I checked God created us all and he also created the earth so now have it because I am partially native American and white so let’s go ahead with whatever you want to spell out or post because here is one so sick and tired of seeing it even when we shut off our tv’s and link’s to civilization it seems more you try the more crap is said posted and becoming racist and as some time’s I wish for complete deafness and maybe blindness so it would become a peaceful world without he said and she said bull crap and just maybe someone should file charges against the government for stealing my ancestors land and slaughtering them and the way this world is looking these day’s and mind you they was freaking slaughtered by the white English man and some became prisoner’s as well and they shouldn’t never be no time limits on charges for killing someone’s life no matter how long ago it was and see that’s the evil corrupted government they will only stick up for certain things and people and if you have a rude comment please keep contained within your lips and teeth… 

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by Keith ‘Malik’ Washington

Peace and blessings, sisters and brothers! On March 7, 2016, U.S. Magistrate Judge John D. Love issued an order in the federal civil lawsuit brought by 89 prisoners, including myself, who are housed at the Coffield Unit located in Tennessee Colony, Texas.

The typical Texas prison is a former slave plantation – still relying on slave labor. This is the Cummins Prison Farm in 1975. Today, Texas prisoners continue to be forced to work for no pay – their only compensation the promise of good time and work credits to shorten their sentences. But that system is broken, and with the current federal lawsuit, prisoners aim to get it fixed – and start getting paid. – Photo: Courtesy of the Marshall Project

The lawsuit challenges the fraudulent good time and work time credit scheme the state uses to defraud prisoners of their “work product” and exploit them in order to enrich the prison agency, the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ), as well as their slave industries known as TCI, or Texas Correctional Industries.

In the original petition that was mailed a little over a month ago, all 89 prisoners requested that the court grant class certi­fication “as soon as practicable.” The judge, in Tyler, Texas, completely ignored this request. What the judge did do is order all prospective plaintiffs to file individual civil action lawsuits…

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