I Define Me

By:Tina Glover/Unknownperson79

“I Define Me”

I define me 

and my 



define me 

and it’s what 

makes me, me 

because yes I 


unbearable pain 

daily from my 

back, my spine, 

my shoulders, 

my neck and 

my brain and 

my whole body 

and even 

though I define 

me I will be me 

plainly and very 

simple and I roll 

with the best of 

punches and yes 

it trouble’s my life 

sometimes but I 

keep walking the 

long purple mile 

until I can be fixed 

or cured and I 

define me and no 

one else can define 

me and this is my 

life and you don’t 

experience what I 

do daily so don’t 

tell me who I 

should be 

because I am a 

warrior woman 

and I am a chiari 

woman and I am 

me most 

importantly and I 

will always define 

me and I will defeat 

you one day that’s 

my promise to you 

And as I 


walking the 

long purple 

mile until I 

am fixed or 

cured or dead

Arnold Chiari Malformation Disease Awareness!! And I also have Arnold Chiari Malformation Disease Myself!!

Β©Tina Glover All Rights Reserved March 20,2017–And not allowed to use any parts of my poems writing words thinking thoughts quotes stories without my consent and knowledge to do so and it’s greatly appreciated and thanks in advance y’all

Sharing this beautiful picture and making it awareness for Arnold Chiari Malformation Disease!!!

Author Unknownperson79/Tina Glover might have to pause for occasional headache and migraine headache on top of a regular headache and I might have to pause for occasional mini stroke and seizure due to chiari malformation disease which has no cure yet and is also my rare brain disease

March 20,2017 

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