When Society Turn’s Their Back’s On The Growing Problem With Our Homeless People And Why Not Help Them?

By:Tina Glover/Unknownperson79

“When Society Turn’s Their Back’s On The Growing Problem With Our Homeless People And Why Not Help Them?”

Now just imagine that 

you lost your job then 

slowly all your worldly 

possessions slipped away 

throughout your rough 

rugged hands that you’ve 

built up most of your life 

(((What Would You Do?))) 

How would you survive? 

And how would you cope 

to the new lifestyle you 

had to live and not the one 

you had chosen for yourself


You would contact all 

government assistances 

places that might be able to 

help you with your 

problem at hand 

and you would find odd 

jobs to do to make ends 

meat and then if all your 

family turned their backs 

on you even your children 

you would feel like your 

whole world has just came

to a end 


Then you ended up out on 

the streets living like a 

poor failed american that 

was in financial trouble 

and the debts you owed 

people that grew deeper 

and deeper until one day 

you was laying cold in the 

alleyways between the 

richest owned owners 

buildings with no covers 

to cover up with and no 

hot food or coffee to 

warm your weakened soul 

at this point until a little 

puppy dog that seemed to 

be homeless to walked 

beside of you and licks 

your dirty face that was 

covered with your wet 

tears that you have cried 

and then he cuddles up next 

to you so you would stop 

shaking from being so 

cold and hungry


And then you had no 

clothing to spare or even 

change into and the 

shoes on your hurting 

aching feet was like you 

was walking 

straight through the 

bottom of them and 

no socks on your feet 


And our government and 

society looks at you like 

you are nothing but faded 

out trash that couldn’t keep

or hold down a nine to five 

job and they do nothing to 

help you they let thing’s 

get worse for you until 

some big non-profit 

organization steps into 

take some kinda of action 

then the government and 

society will go public on the 

matter like they was helping 

you the whole dang time when 

in fact they was not 


As night falls upon you and 

your new puppy dog and the 

temperature’s is below freezing 

and as you look for a dryer 

piece of cardboard to rest your 

weary head upon for the 

cold–cold night ahead of you 

and your puppy dog then you 

finally find a piece then you 

lay still with the little warmth 

coming from your puppy dog 

but as your teeth is chattering 

like you are talking really fast 

but actually you are not it’s 

only your teeth clanking 

together over and over again 

and your cold body shake’s 

non–stop and you take your 

cold hand’s and fingers to 

make some kind of warmth 

more for you and your puppy 

dog but it seems not to be 

working and as you both lay 

silently still like you was dead

until you see the next day

dawning upon you both and then 

you are getting up to move 

around to and to find a place to 

go to the restroom at and then 

after you use the restroom you 

sit down on the corner of the 

street with your homemade 

sign saying that I will work 

for food or you can donate 

whatever you can 

afford or if you can and 

my sign saying 

God Bless you 


And then you make just a little 

bit of change not anymore 

than two dollars and you get a

can of dogfood for your puppy

and nothing for you besides 

going and looking in trash 

cans around the near by area 

of you and then you see a big 

dumpster then you go 

dumpster diving to find some

food that isn’t so nasty so you 

can eat to before you both go

to sleep for the night ahead 

of you both and then you see a 

fellow homeless person 

getting beaten down to have 

what little bit of food or 

belongings they had scraped 

up stolen away with the no

police no where in sight you 

wonder if or when you are 

going to be next and you sleep 

lightly and with one eye open 

for the next few week’s ahead 

of you and the time passes you 

by then thing’s gets 

worse for you and 

then what little bit of money and 

change you do make goes for 

dogfood for you and your puppy

dog Rusty as you try to hide it from 

other homeless people and regular 

people because you don’t want 

them to make you laughable 

outkast in this society of people 

who actually does judge you 

before they even know you or 

your situation


And sometimes we don’t expect 

for this to happen to us but with 

the lack of no help within our 

own government and society we 

will always fall victimized to 

problems and issues like this 

when everyone turns their backs 

on you like you never even existed



And if you seen a homeless 

person would you offer them 

help or simply ignore them

like they are nothing but trash 

to you but for me I would help 

all could and give them

the shirt off my own back 

because we all do sometimes 

suffer this kind living 

situation and even if we 

don’t like to admit it and it’s 

a hard knot life for us 


And what if the homeless 

person was Jesus Christ and 

you had no idea that it was 

him would you still refuse 

to help our homeless people 

in this society because we 

never know it could be 

Jesus Christ testing us to 

see what we will do and 

please y’all keep that 

in mind 


And in our society and government 

they don’t care who becomes 

homeless like our military 

veterans, doctors, lawyers, 

normal people, sick people,

dying people because 

they don’t have to 

deal with it or see it daily so 

they sure as hell ain’t gonna

worry about it until their asses

lands in hot burning water for 

problematic situation that nothing

is being done about 


And living like this being 

homeless living on the 

streets of america seeing 

death fall around you and 

seeing people getting 

murdered and women being

raped in the alleyways of the

darkened dark street’s that 

one day we will all fall 

victimized to and don’t 

think it can’t happen to you 

because it can because 

nothing is promised to us 

and we aren’t guaranteed 

to have a stable job and 

home life because of our 

corrupted country and 

government and society 

don’t give two fucks about 



And you have no real friends or 

family to talk to as you wish 

for help from them or someone 

that understands your situation

and the only one friend you 

have living like this is your 

doggie Rusty and as you close 

your eyes hoping and praying 

this is all horrible dream that 

you can wake–up from but 

it’s not it’s your messed life 


And stop acting and pretending

this isn’t a growing problem in 

our country and society and 

government because it is 

Β©Tina Glover All Rights Reserved April 4,2017–And not allowed to use any parts of my poems writing words thinking thoughts quotes stories without my consent and knowledge to do so and it’s greatly appreciated and thanks in advance y’all

Sharing this beautiful sad picture with y’all please enjoy it and all the tears we’ve cried over either being homeless or knowing someone that is homeless now!!!

Author Unknownperson79/Tina Glover might have to pause for occasional headache and migraine headache on top of a regular headache and I might have to pause for occasional mini stroke and seizure due to chiari malformation disease which has no cure yet and is also my rare brain disease

April 4,2017 





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