Skull Memes & Quotes

Yes that would be great if some ass holes does actually mind their own fucking business because me I don’t deal with or put up with since I am so sick and dying I will tell you off in a heart beat!! Don’t believe me well try me!!

Yes sometimes life can be like this!! Exactly so be careful what you do because I know people who can be heartless!!

Yes I hear this a lot people saying this about damaged people are freaking dangerous and can survive anything!!

If this ain’t cute and more than likely in about five thousand years archaeologists will find this kinda of skeleton because people now day’s are addicted to phones, computers and electronics period they can’t survive without them one day I know can!!

This is just to dang cute aww now we can’t do by blaming our kids when other people are being butt holes and can’t drive a lick to save their souls!!!

Some people has a rude awakening coming since they think ((KARMA WON’T CATCH UP WITH YOU IN THE END BECAUSE BELIEVE ME IT WILL AND IT DOES AND YOU DO REAP WHAT YOU SOW))!!

Exactly right and now I will say that I do have people getting on my last two beautiful nerves sometimes because they want to just use you so these two nerves works just fine as flip them off to you lol!!!

This one says it all no more words needed!!

Cute one here!! Born to lose / live to win!!

Well this one describes a lot of perverts online and off lol!!! And trust me they all know whom they are to lol!!!

See that’s where people messes up at you need a wide open territory country sitting backwoods place to hide all your bodies lol!! And if you run out of backwoods in the back woods well the little critters will help eat them all up lol!!!

I know I hate that mess man because I have to look at your eyes one last time before you become victim of a crime that leave’s you laying dead and cold and I am only messing around and just a little touch of humour today lol!!

This one fits me just about perfect!!

I know but most people will not ask first and I’m like omg duhhrr lol!!

Well a lot of people has been having a issue like this with their news feed on Facebook lol and wanted to share here!! 

Won’t find no soft target here and not today and not ever!!

Most people does just because they want to piss that other person off lol!! And this is very true!!

Exactly right and call me what you want because that ain’t gonna change a dang cotton pickin thing!!!

Well good dang question? 

Exactly right lol!!

Nope, no one is the King of the world besides God himself!!!

Yes mine has but I’m never going to stop speaking my mind no way no how!!

Very true we all still going to be judged in the end!!

Yes because when I go silent you best start to worry at that point!! Lol 

Exactly right!! And prefer you to stand with me not against me!!

One day I am going to snap and rock your ass down to the dom lol!!

Yes never underestimate me because you won’t like the out come!! Lol 


Published by: unknownperson79/Sleeping Angels2010/Big Brainers

I am me and the best person I can be and also I love to write poetry and have published a book...But most importantly I am chiarian with a rare brain disease called Arnold Chiari Malformation Disease and it has no cure as of yet for more information on chiari visit link I'm providing you ( and each day is a struggle and battle with my chiari malformation disease but someone who has the guidance of God I will make it through to another day and another tomorrow and just remember that God loves you to and regardless be happy being you and don't change yourself for no one because you cannot please everyone so don't die trying to... And I love to write and share my works with y'all but sometimes my brain becomes confused and I make some mistakes but I surely will correct them and have a blessed day...

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