As I Don’t Want To Let Her Go Now

By:Tina & Jeff Glover/Unknownperson79

“As I Don’t Want To Let Her Go Now”

As I set here in tears and them running down my face because my ‘cure’ is the hospital again

Because during the night they called a code blue on my ‘cure’ and they worked on her for ten to fifteen minutes last night oh as it seemed to be a lifetime to me and the kids though as we didn’t know if she was going to stay with us or go away to heaven it was all in God’s hands then and then we see a little bit of life in my ‘cure’ or am I only seeing thing’s or is she leaving me now oh God why her why now 

And as her sister called in the chaplain at the hospital and her sister called in her pastor so did I from our church to and as the small hospital room started to fill up with paryers the small hospital room then friends and family came in her room and lowered their head and began to pray to bring back my ‘cure’ and I slowly said please God please don’t take her away from me 

And as the ICU was packed day and night around the clock and flowers and cards and beautiful balloons for my wife Cure-Chiari-Glover and I thank God each that I get to spend together with my beautiful wife Tina 

And even the local community and the disabled children showed up days after day and night after night because she wrote for people with disabilities and rare diseases and disorders and conditions and so many of these people came to see her and sit and talk with my wife Cure-Chiari-Glover and to show her they loved her and they cried because this wife of mine wasn’t like no other woman on the face of this planet and they had so much love and gratitude for my wife 

And as it’s been written in our local town paper and so many sites because so many people don’t understand that this awful rare brain disease is killing so many people unexpectedly without any cause why and doctors at Duke University are still doing research to find out why it’s killing chiarians off 

But see there’s little money to do the needed research today at Duke University and that’s one reason why chiarians are dying unexpectedly

But chiarians do hold walks across america to raise awareness and to raise money for furthering the research for all chiarians like my wife Cure-Chiari-Glover because they have endured so many brain surgeries to have shunts placed into their lower portion of their skills to extend the lower portion of the skull to let the brain have more to extend like a normal persons has done and see stress can cause them to die if it makes the brain stem start to swell and then their brain stems can impact with the brain

And see so many chiarians feels so helpless and so unwanted, unneeded and so many chiarians do become disabled over time and they have so much pain that is painful to even have to deal with and I have to witness this with my own wife daily and nightly but I try to comfort her and help the pain as much as I possibly can and see most chiarians might not look sick on the outside but what’s lying underneath the 🐚 shell of them is all the pain and hidden sickness they endured daily and I feel so helpless because I can’t do more than I am doing to help my beautiful wife and it breaks my 💓 heart to see this beautiful lady die this way and please share this story maybe it can help someone else out there

And this disease is spreading like a out of control wildfire burning the whole world to a dark black charcoal color and people are asking the doctors why chiarians are dying unexpectedly and they can’t tell them nothing besides we are working on research but in the mean time my wife Cure-Chiari-Glover could die wow that’s super nice of them doctors 

And we have to bring all kinds of awareness to this horrible disease 

In loving memory of all fallen warriors today that chiari malformation disease has taken their beautiful lives away from us and may God bless them and their families as well 

P.S. You can get purple ribbons to wear them in support of chiarians like my wife Cure-Chiari-Glover and her other chiari warriors

Β©Tina & Jeff Glover All Rights Reserved 2017–And not allowed to use any parts of my poems writing words thinking thoughts quotes stories erotic-poems erotica-poems without my consent and knowledge to do so and it’s greatly appreciated and thanks in advance y’all

Sharing this beautiful picture with y’all and for my wife Cure-Chiari-Glover /Tina Glover /Unknownperson79 Baby I love you more than you know and think I do and you are my world my life my air and without you baby I would die 

Sharing this beautiful picture with y’all and also mostly definitely for my wife Cure-Chiari-Glover and Tina Glover/ Unknownperson79 baby girl you have me crazy because you are sexy, fine to me and how I do adore my Queen 😘😘 kisses for you

Author Unknownperson79/Tina & Jeff Glover might have to pause for a occasional headache and migraine headache on top of a regular headache and my wife Cure-Chiari-Glover might have to pause for a occasional mini stroke and seizure due to Arnold Chiari Malformation Disease which has no known cure yet and is also my wife’s rare brain disease 


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