Oh However Sweet It Is

By:Tina Glover/Unknownperson79

“Oh However Sweet It Is”

Oh as I take a long look at my 🔪 knife that I hold it in my hands wondering what will I do with it next really

And what’s running throughout my mind now is as I set here thinking have I actually gone mad

And I’m like nah–nah can’t be but it’s the killer within me is ready to come up to the surface and it’s ready to feast and mangle your body into a million tiny pieces from state to state 

And as I struggle with these voices inside of my head telling me to go ahead and do it because I would enjoy it and these damn voices are driving me insane 

And then I felt powerless because the feelings wouldn’t go away they only got deeper and it was calling out to me I couldn’t ignore them any longer because I tried but it was something I was craving 

And as I took you and gut you like a nasty little dirty piggy that you are and with a twelve inch hunting 🔪 knife blade and I slowly cut your throat and neck and then I hung you upside down to watch the blood splattering and dripping from your body and I hung you up like I do livestock to let the blood run out of your body and then I cut your guts from your stomach and body hearing the sorriest cries leaving from your body and then your guts fall from your gut and then hit and splattered on the ground in front of my feet as I simply laughed in your face as the tears continue to stream down your face and I didn’t feel bad at all because pay back is a bitch 

And then I take the 🔪 knife’s balde and stick into your 💓 heart and then I start to twist and turning it all around until I hear the sorriest ass pity cries from my little 🐖 piggy ((Matty)) 

Oh how do you like it man ((Matty)) and tell me how has this made you feel and see you made me do it and made me do you this way today ((Matty))

Then at the ending and last of his sorry ass life I placed his body parts into a meat grinder and after me cutting him up and then I slowly grinded every inch of his worthless body and then I fed some of his body to my 🐕 dog’s and then I loaded him up into the trunk then I took his body to near by state’s until I started to run low then I took his rotting corpse into the woods and then buried him and that’s one damn body that will never be found and see ((Matty)) that’s the best place for someone like you 

And yes sweet revenge and pay back has been finally got served and don’t you think any woman whose been raped or beaten in her lifetime would accept this from you and when I am all done I will go back and clean up all the blood and any spare body parts of you and I will make sure I will clean it like you was never there at all my little dirty whore 🐖 piggy and now my 🐖 piggy is finally gone–gone away forever dear 

Β©Tina Glover All Rights Reserved 2017–And not allowed to use any parts of my poems writing words thinking thoughts quotes stories erotic-poems erotica-poems without my consent and knowledge to do so and it’s greatly appreciated and thanks in advance y’all

Sharing this beautiful picture with y’all!!

Author Unknownperson79/Tina Glover might have to pause for a occasional headache and migraine headache on top of a regular headache and I might have to pause for a occasional mini stroke and seizure due to Arnold Chiari Malformation Disease which has no known cure yet and is also my rare brain disease


Published by: unknownperson79/SleepingAngels2010

I am me and the best person I can be and also I love to write poetry and have published a book...But most importantly I am chiarian with a rare brain disease called Arnold Chiari Malformation Disease and it has no cure as of yet for more information on chiari visit link I'm providing you (www.conquerchiari.org) and each day is a struggle and battle with my chiari malformation disease but someone who has the guidance of God I will make it through to another day and another tomorrow and just remember that God loves you to and regardless be happy being you and don't change yourself for no one because you cannot please everyone so don't die trying to... And I love to write and share my works with y'all but sometimes my brain becomes confused and I make some mistakes but I surely will correct them and have a blessed day...

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