I Know You Are Asleep Still 

Honey I know my angel is 

still asleep now but when

you wake-up you see 

what I’ve wrote then it 

can make a smile go 

across that beautiful 

face, just remember 

our beautiful 

butterfly kisses we do 

when we get up, I love 

you Tina since 

elementary school 

because I had fallen 

in love you with you 

in first garde because

your light reddish\ brown 

hair sparkled in the 

sun coming through 

the window beside 

of you then a little 

boy in class done 

something funny you

tossed that hair in the

wind, began to laugh 

which I looked at you 

thinking where did 

she come from was she 

sent to me from above 

because my eyes seen 

only you with hearts 

rings around you with 

a gentle glow to them, 

then we got sent to the 

office they called our 

mom’s, then we got 

a fine talking to then 

sent back to class then 

lunch time came we 

are together had 

pudding I gave you 

mine acting all shy 

at first then I laughed, 

giggled a little bit then 

nap time came I ran to 

grab my blanket, plus 

yours then laid down 

beside of you while 

smiling at you until 

we drifted off to sleep, 

then time came to go 

home I didn’t want to 

go away from you I 

would have rather 

stayed with you 

instead of going home

because this young 

boy was in love, no 

other way to explain 

it besides me saying 

it was love, no not 

puppy love the kind 

of love that was 

going to last us a 

life time, we are 

currently working 

on that, I wouldn’t 

change anything 

about our lives 

together that 

started before we 

have knew it did, 

all these year’s later 

I still look at you the 

same way like I did 

in first garde 

© Jeff Glover All Rights Reserved 2017

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