I Wish I Could Do More 

I wish I could do more 

for my wife Tina 

meaning taking all of 

her pain, sickness 

away but some times 

I feel so helpless, me 

only being able to 

tell her I understand 

that you are in horrific 

pain, merely comforting​ 

her in those times 

because they can get 

rough on her, our 

family because we 

hardly know the 

do’s, don’t’s of this 

awful disease that 

lives inside of my 

wife’s body but even 

though she fights with 

every thing side of her 

I know she can handle 

some pain because she 

has blocked out 

beforehand hit hurt 

head on the bathroom 

tub, laid her head 

open then she refused 

to go to the hospital 

so she had me close 

the cut with a needle, 

thread so I did, then 

later she was seen by 

her doctor so it all 

worked out because I 

will say when my 

wife was in active 

labor with our last 

child I thought she 

was going to rip off 

my hand, break it, 

possibly beat me 

with it but she 

didn’t though 

just squeezed 

tightly so yes I feel 

like I am not helping 

her but she tells I am

so I can’t ponder about 

it because I have 

remain strong for 

her, not let my walls 

come down because 

she would see all the 

tears I’ve cried because 

I feel so helpless

because I think I am

not helping her but 

I do pray about it 

God always sees me, 

plus my family 

through this  

©Jeff Glover All Rights Reserved 2017


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