It’s Early Morning Here

Well honey it’s early 

morning here, I walk

around the place here,

the gravel, plus the

rocks, I start to kick

the little rocks

thinking of us

walking down the

little path to our

pond then I have

beautiful vision

of you right there

handling my hand,

pulling me near to

kiss me underneath

the stars then we sit

down then lay

counting them one

by one then before

I knew you was fast

asleep, you looked

so at peace in that

moment then I slide

over to wrap my arms

around you with out

waking you up then

I lay my head on

your chest to hear

your heart beat

mine before my

vision was through

then I come back

with out you then

the tears started

to fall because I am

missing the best part

me after all then I

walk around the

corner going back

in to the building to

go to work then set

looking at my work,

paper work like I

don’t want to do it

but as I hear a faint

whisper from

behind me saying

darling I am right

here so let’s get this

done so you make

back to me here

even quicker, then

you take your hand

brushing my cheek,

kissing my lips saying

that you love me, now

for to get my butt in

gear so that’s what

I have done but when

I am alone later baby

will hopefully see my

beautiful wife in my

visions of us together

now, forever as one,

let no man take that

under but you make

it so hard to stay

focused at time’s

but I do thank God

every day that I get

to have you in my

life, to call you my

beautiful wife, well

honey I best go but

remember I am

carrying your love

with me through

out my time here

but I am giving you

 sweet kisses, hugs

this beautiful fine

wonderful morning

honey, I love you 

ยฉ Jeff Glover All Rights Reserved 2017


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