Don’t Worry About People

Some times we have to
let people go because

of their issues or

because they lie,

betray you because

they wasn’t taught

any better than that

as a person or as a

man or
woman is more

delusional, hopefully

they seek proper care

before they hurt any

more innocent people

 because the best one’s

 always end up getting

 hurt by these delusional

 selfless shit head 

ยฉ Jeff Glover All Rights Reserved 2017

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About poeticjustice1975

About me I like to write and read stories and write when I can about my wife Tina and everyday thing's that's about it besides discovering new thing's a long the way as I go but thank you for reading them even if shall ramble on sometimes but I try to get on here as much as I possibly can to write but sometimes my job position keeps me so busy sometimes but I do love to write it's one of my passions because me being overseas in the military I try to write as much as I can

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