Watch “Upchurch- Backwoods (OFFICIAL VIDEO)” on YouTube

We love the back woods…. Sharing for my wife!


3 thoughts on “Watch “Upchurch- Backwoods (OFFICIAL VIDEO)” on YouTube

  1. poeticjustice1975 Post author

    In my post did or does it say my wife Tina is posting them no because this one said sharing for my wife Tina and the middle finger is expression of freedom of speech sorry didn’t mean any harm now yes my wife does also post on my blog but she didn’t post this and thanks for the blessing to my wife it’s greatly appreciated thanks

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  2. unknownperson79/SleepingAngels2010

    Thanks no I didn’t post this my husband did because my husband posted it to me on my page but I understand about the middle finger thing and not liking it to much but my husband didn’t mean any harm by posting it I promise he didn’t and thank you for leaving a comment on it because yes it maybe offensive to some people and if that was the case I am totally sorry for the whole miss understanding and yes my husband post on my blog to just like I do now I post stories, poetry, poems, thinking, thoughts, Quotes, and sometimes maybe a video but it shows which one of us post it at the bottom of the page because it will have my picture with information or his picture with information sorry for the confusion

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