Good Morning Sweetheart

Good morning 


I miss you 

so much that

it hurts inside

like a aching 

breaking feeling

because if I could

I would stick you in 

my pocket to keep

you everywhere I 

go because that’s

what we have always

done, you are my mixed 

milk shake that bringings

all the boy’s to the yard, 

I’m never

done with, I cannot never

get enough of you baby

please will you listen to

me your loving husband

because I’m going to keep

hollering at you until I 

lose my voice completely 

vanished away, oh girl stop

playing with me, teasing 

me, let daddy

please you every day for the

rest of our lives together

P.S. Good Morning Sweetheart {Tina}

Β© Jeff Glover All Rights Reserved 2017


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