God’s Fruit For Thought For Today!

I was concerned when I seen post on the subject and writer said sex wasn’t a sin well with everything in the Bible that shows and tells us either wise I don’t believe that post and see as a pastor’s daughter I don’t get people who say thing’s is or isn’t in the Bible or a sin against God well all I can say please keep committing sins and on judgement day you will see what is and what isn’t a sin my friend and yes each time we read the Bible we usually get a total different meaning or at least that’s what I’ve heard all of my life 

Now we all must obey the ten commandments because if not God might not have mercy on our sinful souls 

Sex before marriage well that’s a sin against your own body but that’s a great punishment that you don’t want to live with when you face God on judgement day and why can’t people be friends with no sex involved with keeping that for your wedding night to share with the wife or husband because that’s something special that no one can steal away because that’s the time you offer your bodies and soul up to become stronger together as share and enjoy the beautiful juicy fruits that God gave to us 

But everyone and everybody has their own personal opinions 


Published by: unknownperson79/Sleeping Angels2010/Big Brainers

I am me and the best person I can be and also I love to write poetry and have published a book...But most importantly I am chiarian with a rare brain disease called Arnold Chiari Malformation Disease and it has no cure as of yet for more information on chiari visit link I'm providing you (www.conquerchiari.org) and each day is a struggle and battle with my chiari malformation disease but someone who has the guidance of God I will make it through to another day and another tomorrow and just remember that God loves you to and regardless be happy being you and don't change yourself for no one because you cannot please everyone so don't die trying to... And I love to write and share my works with y'all but sometimes my brain becomes confused and I make some mistakes but I surely will correct them and have a blessed day...

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