Why US flags don’t go on Confederate graves

Nicely written piece but see if you dig deeper into the confederate and the Confederacy and the battles fought you will find that the American Flag was the first confederate flag not the rebel flag/confederate flag and please go to the website of the confederacy research the first battle flag which was a white cloth and then became the American Flag and then the confederacy wanted a flag to stand out from the American Flag did so they added the (BARS AND STAR’S) to it well I’m not writing a book for this piece but yes the confederate graves deserve a American Flag on their graves just like soldiers does today

The Cotton Boll Conspiracy

The intention is likely good, but one wonders what individuals who place American flags on the graves on Confederate soldiers are thinking.

In what is becoming an increasingly frequent occurrence, more and more markers for Confederate dead – including those killed in battle – are being festooned with the Stars and Stripes, usually around Memorial Day.

One supposes the thought among some of the more history-challenged is that a veteran is a veteran is a veteran, but there seems something slightly disconcerting about marking the graves of Confederate soldiers with the flag of the nation that invaded their homeland.

This isn’t an isolated incident, either. In cemeteries across South Carolina graves of numerous Confederate veterans are being decorated with American flags.

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