The Twisted Female Killer Novel Second Part 

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After me (Kimball) killing my bully Bobby now it’s time to move on to his friends that helped embarrassing me and making me the laughing stock of my school and my small town because I was on a high from killing my old bully that I wanted and needed the comfort from another murder in my grasp under my finger~tips so I let a few week’s go by then I head back to my old home town in search of those punk’s who made my life a living hell and as nothing has been said about Bobby in my old home town yet I guess no one really missed him at all because the police department investigated it but it was considered to be a cold case without any clues so they had hit all dead ends because they didn’t have nobody so they couldn’t have an investigation that’s a reason why no clues they hit all the dead ends and now I had to find Joseph and Mickey because they helped Bobby pull that off at the spring fling dance and I went back to my old home town in hopes of finding them two so I could have a chance at having closure all together because I needed that more than ever because this like a dark evil cloud hanging over my head that kept me in a dark mental place so I am riding around town looking for them I see Mickey I follow him to see where he is living at now and then I was sitting on the side walk one evening I hear the towns people saying something about Joseph not living in town anymore but I went to an old friends house they told me Joseph went into hiding because he was afraid that he was going to get hurt by what he done to me and he was correct on that because I finally find Joseph and Mickey together one night late then I have a friend (Faith) of mine to help me pick them two up without getting caught so my friend puts Mickey in a head lock then duct tape his mouth shut and I grabbed Joseph knocked him on the floor then I jumped on top of him then place duct tape on his mouth telling him to shut up and I tell them both you can do this the easy way or the hard way it doesn’t matter to me because y’all are in fact leaving with me and my friend so we walked them out of the house then I placed Joseph in the back of the van and then I my friend (faith) puts Mickey in the back of the van shutting the back of doors the van as my friend (Faith) was in the back with them she was holding them at gunpoint​ in the back of the van and then I try using the meat factory again well it was still good to go because it was still abandon so it was time for me and my friend (Faith) to put that old meat factory in a good use once again just like I did when I used it for Bobby and we get there to the old meat factory my friend (Faith) pulls out Mickey and then I pull out Joseph we push them and make them walk into the old meat factory and slinging them down into a couple of chairs then taking and tying them up leaving the gag and duct tape over their mouths and we have two big pots with one with hot water than the other with grease that’s bowling hot that we are going to use to torture Mickey and Joseph with that’s just a couple of the things that we were using so now let the games and torture begin for you Mickey and for Joseph and as I grab me a small pot full of the boiling oil to slowly pour on Joseph to hear him whimper and whine and then my friend she grabs a pot of hot boiling water and then she slowly pours it over Mickey so that we can hear the whimpers and whines that comes from them both as we just go ahh to the sounds of them being in pain is electrifying convulsions throughout our bodies and it’s totally satisfying to torture these two idiots that tortured me and made me a laughingstock and there’s Mickey and Joseph wiggled in their chairs couldn’t be still we pick them up and make them get on the tables where the meat used to be cut then we’ll just slowly take our knives and and play with them making them think what are we going to do next as we see a tear from the left side of Joseph eyes and then from the right side of Mickey’s eyes and we grabbed​ two pairs pliers then we pull their shoes off then breaking their toes one by one until we hear them squeal a little bit then we grab the meat cleaver hitting their arm’s until we seen a bone come underneath the skin and faith hits Mickey in his mouth for the fun then we hear him gurgling on his own blood in his mouth so faith rolls him over just a little bit so the blood could ooze out of his mouth and then I grab the scissors and I take the scissors to Joseph manhood and his balls and then I whack his manhood and his balls off as the blood squirted everywhere they steal something from me so I steal his manhood and then faith grabs the knife and she takes it to Mickey she cuts one of his 👂 ears off placing in his hand while smiling ear to ear at him and I walk back over to the boiling pot of oil I get me a small pot of all take it over there and sling it on Joseph as his flesh was starting to bubble do from the burning from the hot oil and then I laughed in his face and then Joseph was losing more blood than I thought he would when I cut his manhood and balls off so I had to hurry up and torture Joseph while he was still alive so is a grab my baseball bat start beating him from his head to his toes until his body is bloody and almost lifeless I take my knife then bring it from my hip out of my holster and then I lean forward over Joseph and then I take my knife and stab it repeatedly into the 💀 skull of Joseph and then to have a little bit of extra fun with Joseph while he is finishing dying I take my machete and I start chopping all over his body no matter what I’m hitting I am having fun watching all the blood splatter from his body this has been a long time coming revenge is mighty bittersweet as Joseph was coughing blood up gurgling on it making those lasting sounds of death lingering at his doorstep there’s no better sounds that’s any sweeter than that and faith hits Mickey then faith grabs the drill gun and drill bit so she can drill deeply into Mickey’s 💀 skull as more of Mickey’s blood runs from his body until he is almost completely drained of his life as we stop for a moment so Mickey can see the two last faces that killed him and Joseph tonight as we both walked back over to Mickey and played with his blood by wiping and smearing it all over him and then on our chest we and we was saying yes we killed you both as you will now dwell in hell as we grabbed the chainsaw to cut them up we had two big buckets we cut off a body part then put in the bucket then we started to place their body parts into doubled bagged trash bags then loaded them up into the van we had to clean up the crime scene using cleaning solution bleach and cover’s over our clean clothes and shoes and a mask pretecter while we cleaned it up then we found another place to stop burn the clothes of ours and Joseph and Mickeys to so then we had found a good location for Joseph in a few towns over so we had a big hole dug for him we placed his body parts into the hole covered him up big rock over the hole so nothing could dig him up and then we still had Mickey to bury next and with Mickey we placed a note saying learn to be a bully in school might land you in a cold lonely grave so we pull him out of the van and put him on a boat with us then we open a small bag of his body parts and we weighed them down and then threw them to the bottom of the lake and then went to a small island in the lake had a medium sized hole dug for the rest of his body parts so we packed the dirt back down on his grave and then rolled and pulled two medium sized rocks over to cover his lonely cold grave well the deed was done so we got back on the boat and went back across the lake we went to ditch the van at our old scrap yard we made sure that the inside of the van was clean before we scrapped it so that there would be no clues left behind of Mickey and Joseph and what me and Faith had done and as me and  Faith was feeling like a big rush had hit us because we just pulled off two more murderers now as we just simply waiting to check to see if they will be missed or if they will be look for by the police to check to see if they will investigate the crime of these two missing men if they do investigate they’ll probably hit cold dead ends again because we did not leave any clues behind who is very careful we double-checked every step as we was doing it because we could not afford to make a slip-up not one and we felt that we could commit more murders and get away with them because it felt made us feel complete it made us feel like that we was doing something that nobody could catch us doing and it had us on this high of killing people and getting away with it and as we’re planning now to commit more murders so as this story will continue

©Tina Glover All Rights Reserved 2017–And not allowed to use any parts of my poems writing words thinking thoughts stories quotes without my consent and knowledge to do so and it’s greatly appreciated and thanks in advance y’all–This story will be continuing

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