The Twisted Female Killer Novel
  • What if you was sick kinda twisted? 
  • What if you had this long hunger and urges to hurt, kill, torture people would you keep it hidden deep down inside of you where no one would ever know or ever see that side of you? 
  • Or would you let it manifest amongst society
  • Because it all started as a young girl with seeing animals and people being tortured and being hurt, bullied
  • Because bringing people pain and torture brought you much needed comfort in life 

Then as a teen you decide to try it with someone which was a no body in life because you wanted to see if you could pull it off so you started to make plans of the situation that was coming about for you and the victim so you start to gather up thing’s that will be needed to complete the murder like (trash bags, duct tape, 🔪 knife, saw, chainsaw, gasoline, meat cleaver, nail gun, hammer, baseball bat, old rags, bucket, bleach, gloves, biohazard containers, mask, pretecter suits, shoe coverings and several multi cleaning agents) then knowing​ where you are going place the body afterwards​ or what you are intending to do with it period afterwards for me I have already got that figured out about the person’s​ body 

Girl had pig’s blood and feces dumped on her at school (Google Image)

Now why she wanting to kill this person well this person has bullied her over the year’s making her feel like she was nothing at all in life then day’s pass on by then something snapped inside of her wanting to get rid of that person no matter what because they only didn’t bully me they made her life a living hell as a teen so she had to do something because the last straw came when we was a spring fling dance at school then that bully had a bucket filled with 🐖 pig’s blood and pig feces then they have on a beam above the stage where the king and queen would be having the crown placed on their head’s later on that night well that bully coached her over to the stage then as the whole school was watching they dumped that bucket filled with 🐖 pig’s blood and feces on her and I screamed, cried and stood frozen for a moment and then she ran away and never went back to school she was home schooled from​ that time and she was shamed of herself and wanted to die because that bully making her the laughing stock of her school and small town and then sometime passed then her family moved away because if that bully then six months went by in her new town all she could see was her bullies face and I knew she had to commit the ultimate sacrifice by committing cold-blooded murder against my bullies so that’s exactly what took place

Google image

So I had she her supply’s ready so one night late I went back to my old home town then ended up at my bullies house then snuck into the bedroom window grabbed​ them put my hand over their mouth as I have the duct tape and a rag to gag them so they will not be able to make no sounds at all and I tell them either we can do this the easy way or the hard way and you can leave with me now as the bully does leave with me I take them to an old abandoned run down mill the has old heavy machinery inside and meat hooks and it looks like a meat processing plant as my bully asked if I would remove the gag going hum~hum then I pull it down they say please don’t do this and I say I have to because you made me feel like I should’ve died that night at the spring fling dance and it’s not fun to make someone the laughingstock of school or of a small town because there was nowhere for me to run there was nowhere for me to hide I felt alone after that and I know I had to leave so I left then I came back to finish what you had started but this time is going to be done for good because I play for keeps and eternal keeps and yes I know that you’re not supposed to take your revenge back out on the person that does you wrong or hurt you or makes you the laughingstock of the school or small town but I didn’t have any justice so this is my justice now to you my bully that will be no more after tonight so please don’t fight let me do what I have to do I’m sorry that I have to do this but that’s the only way that I can have closure as it take’s time to heal which I haven’t done at all so to you my bully I lay you on a table to send that abandon meat factory into working order again and then I placed a gag and duct tape back over their mouth because I don’t want to hear the pity cries or the little whimpers that comes from my bully you bully me now I get to be the last one to bully you so hush my dear little one this will be all through soon let the torture and games begin and I have my bully strap down to the table then I take the hammer to his fingers and his hands and I smash them over and over again repeatedly until I see swelling and then discoloration coming from his hands and fingers as he sheds tears but do you see any care here no for what you’ve done to me you will cry every little tear that you possibly can and then I take my knife and slit the back of his ankles so he will not be able to move or run away like a little coward so I can keep him here and torture him until the last breath leaves his body until all the blood has ran from his veins because I was in hell these past six months this is almost drove me insane and then I get the baseball bat I hit you and your chest your abdomen then I hit you in your shins until I see more blood splatter on my chest my face and as I take my knife and to cut some soulless flesh from your body to hear you cry out and the pity little pains that you were having as I am slowly and enjoying the tortures hell that I am casting upon you just like you done me but see who will be laughing at the end of this story ((Nobody But Me)) and then I take my knife and then I cut your abdomen and stomach open pulling out your lower intestines and laying them on your chest at the bottom of your chin as you’re still not dead yet then I remove you from the table then I hang you up on the meat hooks burying them deep into your soulless careless flesh in the abandon meat factory and I place your body dangling over the bathtub off of the meat hooks watching the blood drip from your body as you cry all the tears that you can possibly can cry as your moans and whimpers sound’s out and you yell for me to stop and wanting me to let you go but I will not let you go now it’s too late because I have done so much damage to your body that nothing can repair it the only thing that is coming for you now is your fate which is death and as I have the gasoline ready to pour on your body as I get on a ladder stand above you I start to slowly pour the gasoline on to your body and then as the blood and gasoline drips from your soulless body I take a match and flip it towards you setting you on fire as you screams hollers crying out in pain wanting me to let you go but still yet I cannot I will not until the deed is done until I’ve had my fun because this sick twisted female killer that you have brought to the surface is only paying you back for the bullying that you gave me throughout the years so hold on it’ll be over soon and as I see and hear the sounds of your yelling and whimpers stop from your body I wait until the flames are extinguished from your body then I noticed all the breath was being taken from your body then I pull you down off the meat hooks inside of the factory and then I lay your body back on the table I try using my saw to hack you up but my saw wasn’t sharp enough to cut the rough hide that was left behind of your body and then it’s that time I grabbed my chainsaw I started it up I slowly started to cut you piece by piece placing you into buckets and then your body parts I taking put them in trash bags double~bagging them until I get to the location of where I will be placing your body to where nobody will be able to find it again and as I have a big deep hole way out in the woods where I’m placing your carcass so the little bugs and maggots can eat away at your rotting flesh overtime and after I cover your grave up I will be placing a big rock like a boulder on top of your grave to where nothing or no one can dig you up as you rot beneath the soil for being a bully now it’s time to place you in the trunk and deliver you to your internal hell of a grave so you can rot~rot away and before I can deliver you to your grave I have to clean up the crime scene using my biohazard containers and putting on my suit that protects my clothes and my shoes and taking all my chemicals to clean even my bleach to clean up what’s left of your blood as I will destroy that so it won’t be no evidence left behind I will start me a fire burn it so they’ll be no trace that I’ve ever done this tonight let’s see if I can get away with a murderer because now it’s been years time has went by I am older and I am still free as you’re still cold and lonely in your eternal damnation of a grave never to be found to this day and now it’s like my bully that bullied me in high school never even existed at all I think I committed the ultimate crime and murder and got away with it after all these years sweet~sweet revenge and justice in the end but as I have your friends that was in on the act so the story will continue with them 

©Tina Glover All Rights Reserved 2017–And not allowed to use any parts of my poems writing words thinking thoughts stories quotes without my consent and knowledge to do so and it’s greatly appreciated and thanks in advance y’all~~This story novel will continue

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