Congrats To A Fellow Blogger On Here


well I wanted to send a big congratulations to a fellow blogger on here earlier this afternoon or tonight he had posted up on another writing site how his girlfriend was expecting a baby by him which she told her parents but he hadn’t told his yet cuz he was waiting for the right time to tell his parents and now since he was on (write out loud) his profile is gone and his writing is gone just because I left that congratulations on his post that he had posted on his blog site and now he deleted it the whole blog from that site and then I went to goggle and started looking for pregnancy test and long and behold I found the one he had used and I will just refer to him as Mr.Roger Rabbit for now and that just makes me wonder because me and him and my wife has already had bad dealings with this man then after I post my and my wife’s new blog site to Write Out loud he shows up on there and I was being civilized by leaving him a nice comment on that other site and poof bam now he lies on the other site back to his comfort zone blog here after him destroying me and my wife’s blogs on here with his lies and rumors which was totally fake and me I will go into it anymore I just wanted to send him another congratulations on the new baby coming for him and his girlfriend that’s all nothing more and nothing less but I really don’t appreciate my wife’s followers believing him without asking me or my wife in the first place but what can say this is just another social media site with it’s bugs and kinks in it that needs to be fixed and eliminated from site because me and wife so far are liking the people from the other site to but here we’ve had to shut off comments to our blog so crazy people will stop bad comments because Lord knows we have to watch our P’s and q’s on here with him still being on site and we shouldn’t have to fear of this mess each time we log on to this site because if he thinks anything is written about him which it may not even be he will start his mess again because I know he still visits our blog here but Mr. Roger Rabbit is a lair I know that much is true 





©Jeff Glover