One Day Hopefully She Will Safe Enough To Return To This Site IDK



I hope one day she will feel safe enough to come back to WordPress because she’s been on here to long but by different blog names and links but she left after a bad experience me and her suffered here since then she will not come back because that expired tart is still on here acting like what he did wasn’t shit or how much damage it caused my family because we lost some good followers on here because of him and his bull shit and that’s why I say WordPress needs to change their name from WordPress to {{}} because we fear each time we log on here that he will start again one day soon because he is just that type of man if he wasn’t he would have never went to Mrs.Glovers and my new blog on another site when I linked it here but he did and I called him out on it tonight because for one he told me he was single which he wasn’t because how could that be when he is expecting a baby with his so called girlfriend and if that’s the case what she’s a few weeks along man don’t try to make me think I’m dumb because I know how pregnancy works and all but whatever site you may find Mrs. Glover on any other sites leave her alone because you done enough to her and my family to last beyond the whole planets eternity AND WORDPRESS AIN’T SAFE WITH DUMBFOUNDED TARTS ON HERE





©Jeff Glover