I’m About Ready To Lose My Mind


{I’m About To Lose My Mind} 



I’m about ready

to lose my cotton

picken mind  



because the same

pain each day when

I open my eyes

is about ready to

drive this

woman totally insane 



because the throbbing,

aching, blurred 

vision, sensitivity

to light and 

​​​​​​sounds along with

the headache on top

of a bad migraine

headache with bad

swelling to boot on

top of these daily

feeling’s but today it’s

so bad if I could

scream, shout or

even cry to make it

help I surely would

do it 



but in reality it

will make it all

worse for me as

I wish I could

find a dark place

and hide away

from the sounds

and light of life

that makes me

sick each day 



because I’m to the

breaking point to

where I’m just

about ready to

lose my mind while

the whole world

stays blinded to

their normal lives

as this life I live

daily is a life that

is torturous living

hell as it feels

like I’m living in hell

with this






as I’m the one

suffering in this

world where I wish

time and time again

that I was never born



because my mind is

so confused entwined

with my nerves,

spine that’s disabling

what is left with my

poor old chiari mind

as I sit around

fading away from

a sickness that I or

no doctor’s can

keep at bay 



as I simply feel like

I’m losing my chiari

sickened weakened

mind as the time

unfolds the never

ending saga that

always will

continue with so

much pain that is

trying to triumph

me daily



because I’m about

ready to lose my mind 




because I can

honestly say thank

you chiari because

I really don’t like

you much anymore

so go find someone

else to turn into

your living rotting

decaying corpse

and vacate from

what is left of my

body and sickened




because until you

cure me or kill me

I will be using my





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©One_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer/Tina Glover 12/04/2017 all rights originally written on Write Out Loud but posting here 12/04/2017