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{His Writing} 



His writing was leaving me wanting more of his countless thoughtful thinking of my writing style and his word’s are still visitable to my eyes and it has me yearning, wanting to know more about this man that is kind with his wisdom that is beyond his golden year’s that had me reviewing his word’s of beauty that had placed a big smile upon my face and lit up my eyes with starlets of deep space twirling wondering around in there while wondering where or who this man is and I am enjoying the beautiful show so far he is a dear and the one I like to hear from these past few day’s because it makes my day brighter than being so cold and dull and it’s always nice excitement to learn more about people and he is like a rough diamond kind of rough around the edges but that’s fine he is prefect the way he is and he surely is a rare find of one of a kind that can touch one’s soul if it’s broken he can make it whole once again and for that I thank you from the bottom of this 💓 heart of mine 




Thank You,

Friend’s Of A Rare Kind,





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