Music Videos With Seckond Chaynce N Brian McKnight

Brian McKnight~Want U and this is such a beautiful song

Okay Seckond Chaynce is blowing up all over Facebook live feed everyone is all Gaga over him and I have to admit his music is different not like other rappers or hip hop singers it grabs your attention and keeps it

Seckond Chaynce is blowing up on most media networking sites I do say hi to him on Facebook when he is on he is a nice person in general and he keeps it real with you and that’s great way to share that to the world because everyone isn’t like some people like Seckond Chaynce or me


Seckond Chaynce just blew up in this one I feel you deary you don’t stop until you drop it like it’s hot like yourself


Ah Seckond Chaynce brother I feel your pain about being your own nightmare sometimes lol


Seckond Chaynce just brought the new meaning to Cypher and he done a heck of a deadening (good) job with it and can’t wait until you are back on Facebook so everyone including me can say hello to you and keep being fly and smooth flowing while you keep us all yelling your name lol


Seckond Chaynce I seen this one play on my Facebook page and I liked it and now it’s good to know now who it was and it’s got a new kinda of flavor that I like a lot