Baby No Hand’s Needed


{Baby No Hand’s Needed}



Baby no hands needed as I walk up on you then drop it to the floor in front of you while you are wanting to smack and grab my booty but I turn around saying no~no baby no hands needed as you are loving my rump shaker style because you are wylin on me while I’m dropping it like the newest stripper at the dance club classes shaking my salt shaker up and down rubbing it all around on your lap covering it all up with my big juicy bubble butt while I am walking it out and doing the stanky legg while I drop it to the floor while bouncing back up from a tootsie roll with a back bend as I rock it on down and drop it for you with no hands needed as I put it on you like it’s glue that’s been glued to your lap covering your shaft as I continue to ride it on out on you ahh~ahh yes shh~shh now baby no hands needed and as you loved it when I put it in your face doing the rump~rump shaker booty bouncing around and as you said blah~blah~blah do that thing girl damnit go girl just once more



For you my {Shawty}







{{{Hello I’m posting this up for unknownperson79 because she’s a little bit under the weather at the moment}}}

Sharing for my Shawty 😚😚 enjoy it sweetie! I’m glad I met you and you’ve made me happy once again and for that I thank you and love ya shawty 😊😊

And thank you for removing the past pain from my life sweetie pie! Because unknownperson79 was in a bad place but not anymore!


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