Upcoming Life Event Designing Arrangements For Upcoming Wedding For Unknownperson79


this is a beautiful designed wedding dress that unknownperson79 is currently thinking about getting for her upcoming wedding and what do you all think a keeper or no? And she is into purple so she’s looking for things in purple… 



now she’s thinking about this for dishware for the dinner party after the wedding what do you think? 



her soon to be husband or groom is thinking about this one for his tuxedo’s for his upcoming wedding to his soon to be 👰 bride unknownperson79 and what do you think?



unknownperson79 is thinking about this one for her wedding bouquet and what do you think? 


03_Woods-Nussbaum_Darin Fong Photography

unknownperson79 is thinking about these for the bridesmaids as their bouquets and what do you think? 


Unknownperson79 is loving this one for her wedding placements for the tables and what do you think?


Now this one and the first one has got her besides herself because she’s likes this one too and what do you think?


She likes this to but the first one and the second one has got her eyes and what do you think?


Unknownperson79 and her soon to be husband likes these groomsmen tuxedo’s what do you think?


The couple also likes these as well choice’s and decisions but what do you think? The new couple is planning their upcoming wedding to be a beautifully designed event to go down in their history for their new budding loving relationship and one they’ll be talking about for the rest of their day’s because they cannot wait for the day they take that vow to be happy, loyal, faithful, unconditionally loved for the rest of their eternity!!