Diary Of The Southern Queen Entry #5

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{Diary Of The Southern Queen Entry #5} 



His lying eyes

told a story of

a life filled with

lies deceit that

he was always

stuck on repeat

like a broken


`N` he shouted

it to the world

making it sound

like it was a lost 

sunken treasure

chest filled with

his beautiful 

california sunfire

delight burning in

the deadening

roller coaster

🌃 night of his

own talented

tongues that

spoke many


language’s but

still delivered

the same pain

`n` hurt to

everyone he made

contact with as 

he is now still 

completely sunken

treasure on a island

far away from

everyone if you

want to go hunt

him down for his

long lost sunken

treasure to go “play

hide `n` go seek” for

because I’m done

with a old sunken

treasure that needs

a mapquest to find  






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