Diary Of The Southern Queen Entry #8

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{Diary Of The Southern Queen Entry #8} 




Sadly she’s a




But many people

doesn’t appreciate

that in a woman



Because oddly

enough most

people prefers a

woman to be trashy

not classy with sass

about her because

it’s all about what’s

between her legs

when it comes

to that trashy




`N` I’m not

sorry that

I don’t

respent myself

like a thot

that’s entirely

what you are

looking for 



`N` if you want

or need a thot

I can set you

up the town ho

Josie that may

meet your


ah yes wait

that’s your new

girlfriend `n` 

soon to be baby

momma with

that worn out

thot thing

popping off

for you 







{{{Hello I’m posting this up for unknownperson79 because she’s a little bit under the weather at the moment}}}




©One_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer/Tina Glover 12/09/2017 all rights reserved originally written on Write Out Loud but posting here on 12/09/2017