Diary Of The Southern Queen Entry #9

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{Diary Of The Southern Queen Entry #9} 



I am gaga for

you shawty 


there’s no

body like my



shawty you

make me fall

for you `n` 

can’t you see

what you are

doing to me as

I yell it to the

world around us 


my shawty

recuse me from

the cold darkened

waters that I

was drowning in 


he has brought

this broken

hearted woman

back to life


for that I am

so grateful for


he is the keeper

of my galaxies

of shining stars

that always

light’s the way

back home when

it’s so dark outside 


I think my

shawty has no

clue what he

does for me he

is my

“new world order” 

that always keeps

me in check to

that mason

dixon trop line 


beyond because

I’m his queen 









{{{Hello I’m posting this up for unknownperson79 because she’s a little bit under the weather at the moment}}}




©One_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer/Tina Glover 12/09/2017 all rights reserved originally written on Write Out Loud but posting here on 12/09/2017