Happy Birthday To My Older Brother Rob `N` We Miss You Here With Us

Dear Bro,


Today we celebrate another birthday here without you but you was the one with all the strengths n the courage to show me the ropes of the ends n outs of life n you picked me up when I was to weak to stand on my own n you was my teacher who taught me to be free n to live out my dreams but I know I wouldn't be nothing without you n do you know that you are my biggest hero that is my wind beneath my wing's that guides me straight to heaven to see your beautiful face once more as we both soar like an eagle above the skylines above the heavens n earth while we will be reminiscing about old child hood memories but happy birthday to my best friend n older brother n my partner in crime n I can't believe it's your 48th b~day n I wish you was here with me but God needed an extra special angel which was you n he got the best n that much is true n bro I miss you n love you n fly~fly so high like an eagle in the sky





©One_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer/Tina Glover 12/09/2017