I’m Falling For You

{I’m Falling For You}




I’m falling for you

n I’m scared to tell

you because I’m

afraid you will run

away from me `n`

that’s not what I

want because I’m

always longing to tell

you this face to face

so I can hold you

in my arms n kiss

your lips but I hold 

you in my graces

but I don’t know how

long you want me to

pretend that I am

only a friend to you

because that’s

something that I

cannot do `n` you

always bring the

best out in me `n`

you have brought

me happiness, joy,

love, romance `n`

sexual healing that

was all because of you

`n` blew through my

stormy waters to

recuse me by the

simplest things that

you do but I hate to

tell you that I’m

falling for you as

you stand by me

through it all `n`

this love is so

unforgettable to me

which makes me

fall even harder

for you oh can’t

you see what you

are doing to me `n`

you always leave

me standing so

breathless as you

place your

beautiful lips to

mine to breathe

life back into me

to bring me back to life 

because I’m always

falling for you

sweetheart `n` I

still can’t believe

that you are mine

as I scream it out

loud to the world

because you complete

me `n` you are

everything that is

right in my life `n`

you `n` me forever






I’m falling for





You leave me

breathless which

is an amazing

experience that

happens when

you are near me








{{{Hello I’m posting this up for unknownperson79 because she’s a little bit under the weather at the moment}}}

©One_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer/Tina Glover 12/09/2017