Diary Of The Southern Queen Entry #17 {Can’t Sleep At Night}

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{Diary Of The Southern Queen Entry #17} {Can’t Sleep At Night} 



Sleep is what I would love to have at night but sleep never comes because I have insomnia that keeps me wake at night `n` then the other part is that my big brain is hard as heck to shut down so I can sleep all due to Arnold Chiari Malformation Disease because we attend to keep our brains on auto run so we will not forget a thing like even our own name `n` sometimes at night I just lay on my bed wide awake thinking about life `n` how I miss loved one’s that’s no longer here with me `n` then I am online doing research for chiari information to help us out so we all can conquer this before our 💓 heart stops or before we have a stroke to kill us or some other related issues to chiari `n` I wish sleep would come but that’s like a straight up fairytale that will never happen until I am past dog dead tired then I will be sleeping for a short while but it seems like minutes to me but what can I do besides try to lay `n` sleep at night as sleep~sleep~sleep sound’s mighty dang good right now because I’m running on fumes `n` way past empty `n` how I wish my brain would let me sleep 







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