My Seckond Chaynce Starts Today Even Though I Want Something More A Seckond Chaynce


Today my seckond chaynce starts as old one ends even though I don’t want it to but I’ve tried to tell him that but as my 💓 heart is breaking into because of him but he is done with me so fuck it as I’ll just fade away from him now after I burn all his stuff that reminds me of him and fuck what I feel because he doesn’t think it’s me unknownperson79 but damnit it but fine have your way darling and it’s hell loving someone that you will never be with again or at all because this southern queen will be picking up myself back and trying to fight like hell to forget about you no matter how much it’s killing me to do so and I’m the dumb one in this mess now but it’s all good as long as you are happy well darling just know there’s someone not far away from you that cares and that is interested and love with you and now it’s a bad nightmare that wish would leave me alone Jesus make them stop because it’s haunting me for awhile now but he doesn’t realize or care about that




to be continued…..




For him I only wish him the best even though my doesn’t want to let him go but I have no choice in the matter and I cannot make him stay 😢😭😏