Set The World On Fire



“Set The World On Fire”


As we set here setting the world on fire as we slowly slip through the devil’s lakes of fire as we burn the world down by hate, racism against each other and humanity


And when will we ever become united and not being enemies lying, dying daily at the hands of these criminals and terrorists and thugs


And the world turns as we slowly burn it down to the devil’s ground past the lakes of hell burning hotter the lava melting our evil flesh from our bodies


And the world is undeniable


And no more fears or tears because you seen the warnings on the walls and still you simply ignored it your whole life so now the damage is done


Because you remove God from this world as it slowly burns straight past Satan’s lakes of burning lava that is hotter than hell




As this world burns down


And let the mother fucker burn because we all sin under in God we trust and we don’t ask forgiveness and we surely don’t repent for our sins as this world slowly burns down


And burn it down-burn it down


And no mistaken it’s undeniable-undeniable


And the hating is waiting as we burn this world down and you are simply the clown of this new world order movement that is dragging this world to hell as we burn this mother fucker past hells lakes of burning lava that is hotter than hell


And set this world on fire-set this world on fire


Because it’s undeniable-undeniable


As we all die a little bit more under this nation and world under God we trust




©One_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer/Tina Glover all rights reserved January 11,2018