Song for my ex-wife Tina Glover


I Loved You As Long As You Let Me Love You


{I Loved You As Long As You Let Me Love You}



I loved you as

long as you let

me love you even

if that was for a

short time it made

life better because

I had you to love

my dear because

without you is

depressing to

wake-up each day

without a love like

you blessed me

with and I’ll always

be loving you no

matter what you

do and no matter

if I have to count

the year’s that it

takes you to come

back to me because

I still love you no

matter where you

are my dear and

I’ll always be yours

no matter if you

are not mine

because I love you~~

because I love you

my dear because

I’ll be loving you

for the rest of my

life dear and I hope

my dear hears me

loudly and clearly

because it’s true I do 







©Tina Glover All Rights Reserved/One_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer

February 19,2018 






Love Song’s For Lover’s

Always will be carrying my love for a extra special man and the love of my life however I do love you honey!


Check yes or no babe! 😘😍 I know it’s yes of course!


My man loves the farmers daughter which is me!


It’s always your love darling! 😘


This song holds a special place in my heart because it’s exactly how I do feel about my love!


I do cherish you with all of my heart and then some darling!



Your love always amazes me each day! That we share our love for each other!


You will always be my first and my last darling!


I’m always falling for you!



I will always be loving you no matter what!


Dedicated to my love of my life this is the most romantic song ever! I love it!


Because I can’t believe I have a love like I do that has always loved me unconditionally without cause and that is my best friend, lover, soulmate now forever more!

Set The World On Fire



“Set The World On Fire”


As we set here setting the world on fire as we slowly slip through the devil’s lakes of fire as we burn the world down by hate, racism against each other and humanity


And when will we ever become united and not being enemies lying, dying daily at the hands of these criminals and terrorists and thugs


And the world turns as we slowly burn it down to the devil’s ground past the lakes of hell burning hotter the lava melting our evil flesh from our bodies


And the world is undeniable


And no more fears or tears because you seen the warnings on the walls and still you simply ignored it your whole life so now the damage is done


Because you remove God from this world as it slowly burns straight past Satan’s lakes of burning lava that is hotter than hell




As this world burns down


And let the mother fucker burn because we all sin under in God we trust and we don’t ask forgiveness and we surely don’t repent for our sins as this world slowly burns down


And burn it down-burn it down


And no mistaken it’s undeniable-undeniable


And the hating is waiting as we burn this world down and you are simply the clown of this new world order movement that is dragging this world to hell as we burn this mother fucker past hells lakes of burning lava that is hotter than hell


And set this world on fire-set this world on fire


Because it’s undeniable-undeniable


As we all die a little bit more under this nation and world under God we trust




©One_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer/Tina Glover all rights reserved January 11,2018

You Just Signed Your Death Warrant


{You Just Signed Your Death Warrant}



The day you decided to come creeping around inside of my yard I’m sitting in here with my grandpa’s 32 Smith & Wesson is loaded with a bullet pointed straight at your behind as I’ve got my dad’s 22 rifle locked and loaded if you decide to enter my yard and home because it will be you already signed up for your last final death warrant so don’t enter my kingdom that I call my home because I have a hole out back drape with your blood if you push me because I’m always going to protect me and my home because I know my rights and go ahead call the police because you’ll be dead and missing before they get here to help your sorry nuisance ass grabbing sumbitch you and you’ve been warned to leave me alone or you will go~go down like our society is bracing for eternal hell from Satan because you all have ignored all warnings now leave me alone or you best make sure I can always recognize your face and voice because if not you’ll be going down in that ceremony of broken scars on the outside world today as you gasp for air but the oxygen has completely faded away from your lying corrupted soul as you lay there choking~choking on what little lying conscience that you hold within yourself as I’m screaming die~die~die you worthless piece of coward shit you because a dead man can never tell my story that’s my story to be told so die you ass grabbing sumbitch you 






{{{Hello I’m posting this up for unknownperson79 because she’s a little bit under the weather at the moment}}}


©One_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer/Tina Glover 12/17/2017 


Ryan UpChurch


Ryan UpChurch babe you tell em the sob how it is and how you roll darling keep straight redneckin holler Hank Jr lll…

Fired up yo


Loving it oh yeah Hank Jr lll



No puff puff pass nope all mine lol 😂


Til I die to darling Ryan UpChurch you keep killing em


Always rolling stoned af babe holler on back redneck thang you

Ryan UpChurch we have always got your back and front to humming yep lol

My Seckond Chaynce Starts Today Even Though I Want Something More A Seckond Chaynce


Today my seckond chaynce starts as old one ends even though I don’t want it to but I’ve tried to tell him that but as my 💓 heart is breaking into because of him but he is done with me so fuck it as I’ll just fade away from him now after I burn all his stuff that reminds me of him and fuck what I feel because he doesn’t think it’s me unknownperson79 but damnit it but fine have your way darling and it’s hell loving someone that you will never be with again or at all because this southern queen will be picking up myself back and trying to fight like hell to forget about you no matter how much it’s killing me to do so and I’m the dumb one in this mess now but it’s all good as long as you are happy well darling just know there’s someone not far away from you that cares and that is interested and love with you and now it’s a bad nightmare that wish would leave me alone Jesus make them stop because it’s haunting me for awhile now but he doesn’t realize or care about that




to be continued…..




For him I only wish him the best even though my doesn’t want to let him go but I have no choice in the matter and I cannot make him stay 😢😭😏