Fallen Warrior’s


By:Tina Glover

          “Fallen Warrior’s”

As we are shipped overseas to end war with terrorists…

As we lay our lives on the line to try bring peace but the only thing comes is bodies laying in the street’s dying…

Then our barricades becoming a target with a big bullseye on our building or camp….

As it’s not a pleasant experience with death surrounding you and then you lose your buddies and friends and brother’s and sister’s in this hellish war…

As the fallen warrior’s fought one hundred percent and gave their all but lost the fight against terrorism….

As the gun fire and smoke clears up you see the death of soldiers lying around you and even civilians…

As you are in a daze…

You suck it up and push forward with your job…

As you clean up the dead bodies of soldiers and civilians to as the fallen warrior’s are shipped home to their families to pay there last respects to them….

But their coffins will be lined with the American Flag draped over it…

Will we ever have peace here so many military men and women can return home to their families and friends and loved one’s that’s been awaiting them for very long time….

As death always falls around our feet and we can be took out at any given moment… then it will be our bodies sent back home to families if we aren’t aware of our situation at all time’s…And we don’t want that…

But if we go down the last thing’s that is on our mind’s wishing we was with our wife’s and husband’s at that time….

Like I’ve been told many time’s now baby if I don’t make it back home just know I will be thinking of traveling home to you and children and I will always love you…

There has to be peace in the nearing future for military men and women…

That’s my wish and my pray for world peace…


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My Dearest Love


By:Tina Glover

         “My Dearest Love”

As I think it’s best if we end this now and it’s not you it’s me and this is one of the hardest thing’s I’ve ever had to say or do and it’s been on my mind for some time now and we are world’s apart and never will be together in this life time to say this is the most hardest and difficult thing I’ve ever had to do or say to you or anyone and please forgive me I am sorry and I’ll always love you and this is breaking my poor heart and we had so much love together and I guess it wasn’t in the card’s for us and we are so near inside but a million miles apart from each other and if it all could be different for us both because you are important to me and the man I love but I am stuck here without you day in day out and it’s killing me because I can’t hold you and touch you the way I want to oh baby can’t you see and this has gone amiss and I lay it all on the line one last time only for you baby


#writing #life #love #poetry #sadness #hurt #you

I Am Not Begging You To


By:Tina Glover


   “I Am Not Begging You To”

I am not begging you to love me…..

I am not really even asking you to….

But isn’t alright if I cherish that hope in my heart?

If I could dream of just holding your hand,

It hurt me-not you….

I will keep my eye’s from shining when they see you…

And I promise I will try not to smile a special smile when you say hello…..

But please don’t ask me not to love you….

Because that’s something I cannot do…..


#writing #love #life #poetry

Counting Fingers And Toes


By:Tina Glover


“Counting Fingers And Toes”

Until you’ve….

Counted little fingers and little toes,

Held a little hand, kissed a little nose,

Soothed a little tummy,

Read to little ears,

Powdered a little butt,

Wiped away little tears,

You haven’t known love….

This is one proud mother that sure does and as Iove all my babies…..


#writing #love #life #poetry #children

Not A Moment To Soon


By:Tina Glover


     “Not A Moment To Soon”

Not a moment to soon that I found someone like you and I never ever thought the day would come but oh boy was I wrong and then my day was changed forever when you came my way and before then I never really knew love until the day I met you and however bitter sweet that was for me because you took a broken heart and tried to repair and mend and still yet today our love is still growing stronger as each day passes us by and as we wonder what our future has in store we don’t know yet we have to turn page by page each day as we go along this romantic story


#writing #life #love #poetry

Our Journey Here


By:Tina Glover


         “Our Journey Here”

We are never promised another day here so many of us takes that for granted and we all shall always love another day and day by day and night by night without telling someone how much you love them and how much they’d changed your life for the better and let me say that I do and always will love you until the very end and even after that and from the beginning where it all began at for us and you are my hero and my angel and my personal miracle that came true for me here and now let me say I love you today and  tomorrow and for eternity and as long as I have you we shall continue on our journey through life baby and you are special gift God gave me to love and cherish for the rest of my day’s and I thank God for you each day


#writing #life #love #poetry #beauty

My Wishes


By:Tina Glover

               “My Wishes”

If I could have one wish

I would wish to wake up everyday to the sound of your breath on my

The warmth of your lips on my cheek

The touch of your fingers on my skin

And the feel of your beating heart with mine

Knowing that I could never find that feeling with anyone other than you


#writing #love #life #poetry