Humanity To Our Insanity 

By:Tina Glover 

      “Humanity To Our Insanity”

From it you came,

And because of it you live,

It awarded you your existence,

And processds to give….

Invites you in it’s arm’s,

Is welcoming and warm…

Provides you with abundance,

Everyday offering more…

And what do you give back?

Besides tearing everything down

To utmost obliteration 

Leaving an open wound…

You don’t stop to notice, 

You preserve less and less,

And weaker links 

Are near the extinction process…

You continue the demolition,

For the, greater good you say,

Wiping out what’s left,

Until nothing feel’s the same…

I warn you, there will be a day

You won’t be opening your eye’s…

There is a rule you can not change-

Without the greenery everything 


©Tina Glover All Rights Reserved

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My Heart As Your Canvas 

By:Tina Glover 

     “My Heart As Your Canvas”

My heart is filled with all the colors,

The world around me has to offer…

It seems to be an enormous canvas 

Artist being life, painting it ever so often…

These are never ending blends,

With the variegation of shades,

Thus the understanding-fron them 

Only few I will name…

The drop’s of yellow from happiness and joy,

From friendship’s staying true…

Some light pink for the eternal child inside of me…

Sadness and failures depicting serene blue…

Truth and purity paint it white,

And in black lie’s the strength, staying on course..

Line’s of green for evergreen…

Rich lilac imagination in me pours..

Dark blue swipes from the adventurous soul,

Very delivered by the doubt’s and unknowings…

The blood-red hue from all those emotions 

Piling up from not releasing nor showing…

Brown will be added throughout the life-

The knowledge, experiences and wisdom that’s gained…

Each and every day I grow as a person,

Unwilling to stay the same…

And color’s from love

What will be those?

Combination of it all,

I so readily suppose…

©Tina Glover All Rights Reserved

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Those Word’s Of Yours 

By: Tina Glover 

        “Those Word’s Of Yours”

I’m sorry if I hurt you

Those word’s weren’t meant to 

But we share everything 

Big or the tiniest of thing’s 

So those feeling’s I had 

We’re put into those word’s 

I hope they weren’t too bad 

I only know forward 

And now I can’t take them back 

As long as you know how I feel 

You’ll still have me on your reel 

©Tina Glover All Rights Reserved

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To One Peak To The Other Peak 

By:Tina Glover 

 “To One Peak To The Other Peak”

I could measure the tip’s 

Of the mountains top’s 

Peak to peak 

With my small hand’s 

Minuscule they were 

Those tiny mounds 

Yet up close 

They tower high 

Peaks in the clouds 

In mystery and shroud 

Like your mind is to mine 

Your thoughts elude me

Far and high 

I cannot deny 

That this does terrify

©Tina Glover All Rights Reserved

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Police on alert amid rumors of nationwide protests on Friday
Police on alert amid rumors of nationwide protests on Friday
We will see the news later on after these protest this evening and what happens wow this way out of control and needs to stop
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I Am The Monster In The Mirror 

By:Tina Glover 

“I Am The Monster In The Mirror”

The monster inside the mirror 

is who ended the fight,

winning the battle 

with only one casualty….

the battlefield of cold tile

scattered with shard’s of glass

spotted with tears of scarlet…

it was a war in her mind

fighting against herself 

until her wrists would cry 

and all other thoughts 

were downed out…

the monster inside the mirror 

was the reoccurring bullet 

aiming towards the pain 

a pain ending misery 

with one weapon in hand 

there was only one 

choice but to end…

the rein of terror was done 

and peace rang among 

as her choice of death 

rose above the smirk

of monster inside the mirror….

©Tina Glover All Rights Reserved

#writing #poetry 

I Became So Hollowed 

By:Tina Glover 

          “I Became So Hollowed”

I became so 




about death,

he began to appear 




in the cupboards,

that were filled 

to the brim,

stacked and stacked 

with bottled dream’s 

and empty thoughts,

that easily slid down 

your throat in 


and four’s 

and even sixes…

in the top drawer 

of my father’s nightstand 

where slept the defender 

of bad thoughts 

and restless night’s 

accompained by friend’s 

hidden in casing 

eager to be fired 

to save…

in the bucket 

over flowing with pens

and pencils 

and markers 

varying in shape and size 

and color for that matter,

hiding among the sharpeners

which blades could 

glide so smoothly 

everything faded away….

in the back alley

down the street 

where smoke rose 

to every occasion,

the flowers weren’t just 

in your hair but also 

in the clouds 

of smoke 

and hollow lives….

I became so 




about death,

he began coaxing me

to join him for tea 




©Tina Glover All Rights Reserved

#writing #poetry