No More Ring’s No More Vow’s

By:Tina Glover 

  “No More Ring’s No More Vow’s”

As I the vows you took with me apparently didn’t mean shit to you…

So now I have took my wedding ring’s off and mailed to you…

As you only have a picture of us together from that time and error…

But my pictures of us has been burned… In a little fire behind the house where I burned all your other thing’s too….

You was my worse mistake…

As I took my vows seriously but you never did…So they’ll be no more ring’s or vows for me nope but hell no…

As I will be foot lose and fancy free as soon as you deliver the divorce papers back to the lawyer…

As when you receive my wedding ring’s in the mail soon you can wear them like you do your dog tag’s…

Because I no longer want apart of you or those ring’s or vows…

As I hope this bite’s you in the ass honey boo-boo…

Because I was once your wife and the mother of your children.. but now I am nothing but a woman whom you share children with…

As I should’ve never, never married or met you…

Oh your are my worst enemy and mistake that I wish had a stake through your heart now like I do…

May you break, break into a billion pieces ass hole…and may you lose everyone of those pieces of you…

Fuck you hypocrite!!! 

©Tina Glover All Rights Reserved

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Why Live In The Past 

By:Tina Glover 

         “Why Live In The Past”

Why live in the past? 

Why care about the past? 

Why bring the past back to life?

Why we must let the past die, die once and for all?

Why, why 

Why can’t the past stay dead?

Why can’t my past take a leap off the tallest mountain somewhere?

Now to my past stay dead because how I do dread you coming back to life… 

©Tina Glover All Rights Reserved

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My Final Dose Of Reality For You 

By:Tina Glover 

 “My Final Dose Of Reality For You”

You like to trick someone? 

Don’t you? 

Into thinking we had a shot of making a life together…

Now all I have left is this sick twisted reality you left me with…

But one day…

You will get a fare dose of your reality too…

It will big slap to your face bring you back to reality once and for all…

As your reality is filled with lie’s and deception…and no regrets as you say…

Your reality is a load of bull shit…

As your reality wanted to drive me insane…

But now in your reality you are the one who loses it all…

As you’ve been served a big plate of your final reality today…

Because now it’s my reality that has no regrets either damn way…


Whoopty freaking do it’s been delivered to you honey boo-boo…

©Tina Glover All Rights Reserved

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You Was My Sex Magic 

By:Tina Glover 

     “You Was My Sex Magic”

You was my sex magic 

But now you’ve was like a magic trick 

You have went “incognito”

What once was hot, passionate and burning hotter than hell 

Has ran colder than the Antarctica water’s 

Now my sex magic has Poof-Poof the hell out on me 

©Tina Glover All Rights Reserved

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You Use To Be My Everything 

By:Tina Glover 

   “You Use To Be My Everything”

How do I forget about you

I know I have to 

This isn’t what I wanted for us 

But as my bed has been cold, lonely without you but that’s nothing new when it comes to us 

As you fill her bed now 

As you use to be my world 

As you was my king 

But now you are her world 

But now you are her king 

As you’ve knocked this southern princess off her throne as I return home 

To pick up the broken pieces of me,me, me 

But I’ll always love you 

But now she has you covered 

So let me heal properly please 

©Tina Glover All Rights Reserved

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You Are My Sickness Which Was You 

By:Tina Glover 

       “You Are My Sickness Which Was You”

See you use to be my sickness that I couldn’t let go of 

But now I choose to let go my sickness which is you boo 

But now you ain’t shit to me no more honey boo-boo 

But I hope my sickness flooded with shame and guilt for what you’ve done 

But I thought it would be harder to let go of my sickness which is a liar, cheater 


But I have no time for your childish behavior and game’s because I am not child or teen any more 

So the final kiss off to my sickness 

Goodbye to you now 

©Tina Glover All Rights Reserved

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I Am Sorry I’m Not Her


By:Tina Glover/Unknownperson79

     “I Am Sorry I’m Not Her”

So many time’s I wanted to walk away from you

But some how you pulled me back in with your tears you cried

Now I am stronger and I don’t need to hold what ain’t worth saving any more

But if you want her more

Good because believe me I will be fine in the day’s to come

Because my heart use not be so cold which you have made it run ice cold blooded because of the shit you’ve done to me 

But as I’m done trying to fix us when I am the only one working on it

So boo you think I’m sticking around for this shit I think not

So let me say these lasting word’s for you now take and kiss my sweet southern country ass 

Now you can have her and let’s see how she will handle and let’s see if can make you happy and satisfy you like I did

Yes now go fuck yourself honey boo-boo 

And now goodbye

© Tina Glover All Rights Reserved
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