Location Unknown


By:Tina Glover

        “Location Unknown”

Meeting me at our location which is unknown…

I love your caress of the gentle touch of your hand…

The warmth of your body next to mine…

I love the time we get to spend together in a place that has no name..

No street signs points the way no one else knows besides us…

Only found by two loving heart’s location unknown…

Only place where real lover’s like us can be true to each other…

Only lover’s like you and me and honey how much I really do I really do love you so…

As you’ll always light our way back to this place of ours which known as our location unknown….

©Tina Glover All Rights Reserved 


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Three officers confirmed dead in La. shooting

Three officers confirmed dead in La. shooting

More officer’s are dying due being ambushed this need’s to stop killing officers maybe and just maybe Obama needs to get the Military Men And Women involved see it that will put this to an end because there’s to many cops dying unjustified due because African Americans being made with the killings of the past few week’s now of Black men as they say they was killed by cops that was only racist but that’s not the case everyone is passing judgement on cops before knowing shit about them personally… all lives matter’s not just one Color not just one race or one gender or nationality that’s what’s wrong with this society…. #westandunited #weareone #stopthehate #stopkillingcops #alllivesmatters #stopmurderingcops 

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My Wonderful Husband 

By:Tina Glover 

       “My Wonderful Husband”

As I love you more today than I did the day’s before 

As I love you more tonight more than I did the night’s before 

And I never thought of a man the way I do you 

I never looked at man the way I do you 

And you stole my heart before we I even knew you did and I never really got it back and nor do I want it back 

The day I made my solemn vow to love you and cherish you for the rest of our day’s here that’s exactly what I meant and exactly what I will do 

And you are my keeper of my star’s and I am the keeper of your star’s 

And yes this is our most romantic love affair that is continuing for us today 

And as I hold the key’s to your heart I keep them on chain around my neck not very far from my heart as they’ll stay there so I can protect our love against anything 

No matter how far apart we me seem but we’re always very near in each other’s heart’s my darling dear 

And just ask me if there’s another man that I could ever love this way and will say there’s not another man because I love you with all of my heart I love you with all I am I love you with all my fibers in me I love you because I can not because I have to and I’ll spend the rest of eternity loving no one but you 

And as we may leave each other breathless so bad to where it would drive a normal person insane 

As this isn’t no ordinary love that we share together 

Our love is fulfilling and it’s always improving and it’s kind, sincere, loving and affectionate, sexual, understanding and mostly it’s always there and never failing us and is one that is lasting and one for the story book’s 

I love you now tomorrow and eternity 

And the way you look at me and I look at it thrills my heart leaves it warming inside and out 

The way you hold my hand as we sit on the couch or walk around in public it leaves me weak in my keens 

You send shivers up and down my spine 

And there’s nothing more I can say than this I am yours and you are mine 

©Tina Glover All Rights Reserved 


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Life Is A Game

By:Tina Glover 

               “Life Is A Game”

Life is a game,

Life is a gamble,

So you better play your turn,

So what if it’s destiny is uncertainties and stern,

Thought’s in mind,

And never be down,

There’s is nothing to complain about and blame besides your self if you don’t play the game…

And life is nothing but a game we play…

So keep a smile on your face as you are playing the game….

And you will win through the gamble so play your game…

Go ahead and make your upon this game and world as we play the game …

So don’t forget to play your turn…

©Tina Glover All Rights Reserved 


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