The Day I Saw You


By:Tina Glover

      “The Day I Saw You”

The day I saw you

My heart got smitten

The day we met

My soul got sweetly bitten

The day I hugged you

My head felt blissfully dizzy

Baby I desperately hope that

You feel the same for this old same

#writing #life #love #poetry


Our World


By:Tina Glover

               “Our World”

The world we call home is supposed to stand for the free but see us as Americans it’s slowly being ripped away by our own damn government and if we set back silently everything our forefathers fought for and died for will be all for nothing and why is everyone in this world letting what this country was founded upon letting it go down in flames and being torn apart from the seams and if we don’t help our own country it will parish in front of our own eye’s and now are you willing to let your and our home be took over and blown to kingdom come well I am not

#writing #life #ourworld

It’s Always Been You


By:Tina Glover

       “It’s Always Been You”

I loved you from the start no man can ever compare to you and if they try and they’ll have step off gracefully and bow out because that’s a losing a battle when it comes to you baby

#writing #life #love #poetry #humorous

Da Movement


By:Tina Glover

           “Da Movement”

The da movement is happening and you can’t stop it as we fail once as we will rise through the ashes and either you stand with us or you’ll be the one’s standing against us

And hot damn run and hide because the da movement is rising like a freaking nightmare you have at night

And you’re either apart of it or you will burn with it

Then you will look around at the aftermath of the fight that’s rising and you will see your own life start to slip away da movement

And as you will see we’re coming

We are rising faster than a kiss of death and than a freaking plague that has started to spread worldwide and country to country and nation to nation we’re worldwide and we are right here in your freaking ear screaming at you wake up, wake up before it’s to late

Thinking Of You Now Darling


By:Tina Glover


       “Thinking Of You Now”

I know we are different time zones right about now

But as I am wondering while I lay in bed is how are you doing

As our bed is so cold without you beside me

I miss you holding me and until we both fall off to sleep

As just want to come to you

Because we’ve got to meet in the middle because I sick of have to love you from a distance

As I want you and need you right here right now but as I hold a cold pillow and looking at your picture as I guess that will have to do for now my darling husband

Well let me tell you goodnight where I am at but now it’s early morning for you dang baby stay safe honey

And I love you

#writing #love #life #poetry