By:Tina Glover 


She had blue skin and so did he. 

He kept it hid and so did she,

They searched for blue their whole life through, 

Then passed them right by and never knew it……

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The Great Spirit’s


By:Tina Glover


         “The Great Spirit’s”

The great spirit’s of the past and of the future as we come together as one and join this life and the after life all as one and we shall not never walk or wonder alone in this life or in the after life or in the spirit world and we shout our chants into the whispering winds that will carry them straight to you and we know you’ll hear us calling out to you

My Native American People
Little Princess

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Oh My Gosh Can I Be Your Gun??


By:Tina Glover

“Oh My Gosh Can I Be Your Gun??”

Yes let me be the gun you hold so close to your hot and fine and sexy body humm yeah poppy let me be your gun that you pull the trigger on and let me be your gun because I’m not a cold piece of steel and let me feel my way down your abs to your inner thigh and on to the trunk area of your body ahh shh don’t say a word at all because I’ve got you covered all the way around and let me show you how this show will go for us both humm ahh shh and no one has to know nothing at all just us two that’s all poppy

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Chiari AwarenessΒ 

By:Tina Glover 

              “Chiari Awareness”

Awareness for chiari malformation disease because not many people knows what this disease is and it’s where the brain is bigger than your skull and pushes downward on the spinal cord that causes major effect’s on your body and very bad pain and can be a factor in a chiarians death

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