Woman struck with hammer, blinded during fight over man — FOX6Now.com

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A love triangle sparked a violent fight at a Tennessee home that left a woman blind in one eye. Annalesa Harris, 31, is charged with aggravated assault. Police say she admitted to hitting another woman with a hammer during the fight. The victim said Harris pulled out the weapon while arguing with her…

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My Everyday Battle Of Mine 

By:Tina Glover 

    “My Everyday Battle Of Mine”

Yes this is a battle for my life and i will fight back one hundred percent and if I should lose my battle chiari you will surely know I have been there by all my blood, sweat and love left behind on the battlefield but this will be one hell of a battle that I am not willing to lose hell no 


A normal person brain and the other one is one with chiari malformation disease see the big difference here and between them?

See the lightning here well to explain it better to anyone well this is example of what a chiari malformation disease person lives with daily when it comes to our brains and body it’s like a strong storm brewing inside with no dang stopping it…. Awareness 4 Chiari Malformation Disease!!!


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I Fight These Tears


By:Tina Glover

       “I Fight These Tears”

I fight these tears back from my eye’s as the build up and run down my cheeks

As I try to hide my pain with slapping a smile on my face but the pain’s won’t be buried beneath me now

As this will be the death of me

And many people has asked do I fear death no I don’t I only fear leaving my husband and children behind in this cold evil world

As my tears builds up like old troubled waters

As I pray that these tears will fade away into the darkness of my living hell that has been handed to me long before I had any knowledge of it

I can personally say fuck you chiari

As you won’t leave me or my head or body and as you’ve invaded it like a dying plague

As I fight you and my tears and pain’s that spanking or whipping ass daily

But this southern charm ain’t leaving this world without a hell of a fight for my own life

As one day it will the one fading away from this world without any thoughts or cares


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When I Am Gone


By:Tina Glover

          “When I Am Gone”

When I am gone will you miss me??

Probably not because I am lost soul that has never been found

But when I am gone it will far greater than anything I could control or defeat

So cure chiari glover is leaving a mark on this world before I am dead and gone

Before I am gone


#writing #life #love #poetry #sadness #curechiari

I Am The Black Sheep Of My Family


By:Tina Glover

“I Am The Black Sheep Of My Family”

I am the black sheep of my family no one in family actually gets along with me

And it’s like I am an outsider looking into my own family that once in my world and now I’m no longer living in their world and I’m now a loner, stoner, goner

As the black sheep stands alone outside of everything


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